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Sith-J-Cull brings us a CTF map called Antalus. Let me just say wow. This is a guy who never fails to impress me with his work, and this map...


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Sith-J-Cull brings us a CTF map called Antalus. Let me just say wow. This is a guy who never fails to impress me with his work, and this map is no exception. FPS was great, architecture very impressive, and music was really cool. Naturally you have the red and blue sides, and what's interesting is that these aren't just the same thing in different colours. They are a different base. I was so happy to find that you not only had to get to the flag base but you had to figure out how to get to the flag itself at the base, which was a great innovation. The map is a valley of sorts and is full of goodies like mines (evil grin) and rockets. As I said before this author never ceases to amaze, and I can't wait for more of his brilliant work.

Gametypes - CTF New Music- Yes New Textures- Yes Bot Support- Yes


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Download 'antalusctftactical.zip' (12.56MB)


Map Name                : <Antalus_ctf>
Author                  : <Sith-J-Cull>
Email Address           : <[email protected]>
Website URL             : <http://sithjcull.mysite.freeserve.com>

Map description         : <rainy grassy rift area - Tactical CTF>

Ok hello again everyone, firstly thanks for all the support and e-mails from people, I am glad you are enjoying my work.

This map is something a bit different and its inspired by many themes and ideas, the main insparation for this map was UT 2003
and one particular map called Antalus << thats why I chose to call this map by the same name (I know how un-original am I?)
still I thought that map was awsome anyway back to my map...

I know a lot of poeple are going to say that this should have been a seige map, and my anser to this is; maybe it should
but one think about siege I dont like is that once you have completed the objectives the game ends and thats it, my idea however was
to have the players go though a siege like setup up of objectives which require both sides to lower the deffencses of the other
before gaining access to the flags, once these objectives have been completed a normal game of CTF can continue.

I hope it goes down ok and I hope the whole thing wasnt a waste of my time oh well...


The objectives of both sides are the same as the map is mirrored.

Objective 1	The use of the AT-ST by a team member is essential to complete the first objective
		on the opposing team side of the map you will find 3 main doors once you have traveled under the defense bridge the doors
		are numbered; you must take the AT-ST through door number 1 and then locate the first generator and destroy it, using all force
		necessary, once this has been destroyed you will hear an announcement explaining that the door generator has been disabled (my voice :>)

objective 2	The second objective once the force filed has been disabled on the enemy flag base, is to have a team member run through the newly
		unlocked door (without the AT-ST as it wont fit through now anyway).  Once inside and assuming that you have picked up enough trip mines
		explosives, you must carry out an attack on the second generator this one will unlock the second door that is located at the other side
		of the flag base (you will see a number above a bunker) once this door has been unlocked, you may proceed with the last objective

objective 3	now that both generators have been destroyed and you have gained access to the little bunker you will notice a control panel inside, this
		panel has a times access button (you must hold the use key for a period of time) once triggered you will see the force field that is protecting 
		the flag; lower and you are now free to take the flag.

NOTES		As the flag is well protected I have made sure that team members can still access the flag base in the event of your team having the enemy’s
		flag before they have disabled your defenses; there are team sensitive door/transporters that allow you to transport in and out of the flag
		field allowing you to score.

I hope that you understood that Good luck

Have Fun

Additional Credits to   : <George Lucas, All the team behind JKA >
			  <Torchy for his advice on vis blocking and fps>
			  <awesome soundtrack from UT 2003 MR Kevin Riepl>
			  <Gangster Angel for suggesting the use time trigger ;) >
			  <me for some very sad voice overs!!>
			  <Gothicx for giving me the link to easygen!!>

* Play Information *

New Sounds              : <YES>
New Skins               : <NO>
New Objects             : <NO>
New music               : <Yes>
New Textures		: <YES>
Bot support		: <YES>

* How to use this map *

<extract into base folder, load with ingame menu>



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