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Is this a first map for Zod? Is he an accomplished and well-known mapper incognito? Whatever the case, this map is just beautiful. And I don...


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Is this a first map for Zod? Is he an accomplished and well-known mapper incognito? Whatever the case, this map is just beautiful. And I don't just mean that it appeals to the eye.

Do you play CTF? I mean, do you really love CTF? If so, then you always appreciate a good CTF map. One that not only looks great, but also has wonderfully simple, yet complex routes for the flag carrier. Places to perch for sniping. Good weapon placement. You want the sides to be mirrored, and fair for both offense and defense. This map does all that you ask for in a CTF map. As an added bonus, this map would work great as an FFA or TFFA map. Taking out the flags doesn't take anything away from this map. It may take a while to learn all of the routes, but once you do, I'm sure it's quite rewarding to play. Also, there is bot support, so if you can't play online with others, you can play with bots. Great job, Zod. I'd love to see more maps by you!

Bot Support: Yes New Textures: Yes New Music: No Game Types: CTF, FFA, TFFA


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Download 'ctf_empires.zip' (3.68MB)

ctf_empires by Zod

Author                  : Zod
Email Address           : [email protected]
Website URL             : n/a

Programs used		: radiant
Compile time		: 16hrs

Map description         : A map with an Imperial theme designed for fast-paced full-weapon full-Force action

* Play Information *

Game types supported	: Capture The Flag (CTF), Free For All (FFA), and Team Free For All (TFFA)
New Textures		: 1 texture from JKII:JO included, all others are standard
Bot support			: Yes, bot routes by Amidala

* How to use this map *

Extract ctf_empires.pk3 into base folder, load with the ingame menu
The map can also be launched from the console with the command "/map mp/ctf_empires"

* Details *

This map was designed for gameplay, by someone who has played real CTF games for 
over 3 years.  I decided on an Imperial type setting, with bridges and 
Imperial hallways, somthing with a real Star Wars feel.  I incorporated the 
audio from one of the defaults, but spent alot of time choosing the right 
one that fits the map best, the stormtrooper type music fits well along with 
the theme.  New to this map that I've never tried before are sound effect, steam 
effects and detailed shaders.  I wanted a map that didn't rely on buggy 
elevators, narrow choke points or lack of weaponry.  The design was taken 
from point of view of both the offense and defense, looking at the flag 
carriers' position to the idle offense and what would best fit in as far as 
weapons placement, ammo and spawns.  I am really happy with the excellent 
frame rates, the details and texturing, the layout for professional capture 
the flag and the speed bonuses of the routes.

Look to encounter extremly fast jedi on this map, a compliment of ammo and 
well placed weapons for offense and defense, unique well thought out 
wallruns and wallwalks and variations of speed routes that crisscross all 
over the place giving it a real fun edge.  On top of that your fps will soar 
and delight in well thought out texturing and detailing, giving it that 
Imperialistic look that only Star Wars can give.

* Special thanks to : *

Amidala, chopshopservers for tremendous contributions to the jka community, 
the best capture the flag public server and her encouragement.  Full credit 
to her for bot routing, and giving me incentives to do ffa/tffa modes, her 
server is a haven for jedi who play guns/force ctf hardcore!

Also thanks to Cannoli and especially acdcfanbill, for their endless hours 
reviewing every detail of the map.

Thanks also to testers: jax, bluestar, hydra, red5 and many others


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