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The filename itself made me instantly think of Unreal Tournament 2004, and this map itself does have a certain feel of the levels in that ga...


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The filename itself made me instantly think of Unreal Tournament 2004, and this map itself does have a certain feel of the levels in that game. As a non-CTF player in general, I can't comment too well on the layout of the map for CTF, however I will say it is fun getting between the bases, and each side seems in appropriate proportions to the other. (So it should be an even match.) However, I think by far my favourite part of the map has to be the skybox. It's just so darn awesome! It's totally realistic, and looks fantastic with the setting of the map. Unfortunately, on one side it doesn't blend into another side, but you don't notice it all that much, so I don't class it as too much of a bug.

The map itself looks and feels, for the most part, like a coruscant-themed map. Unfortunately, there are a few bugs which really need to be fixed, mostly shader problems resulting in images which should be see-through, not being see-through. Some of the textures used don't quite seem to fit either - it looks like the author has used the 'glow' sections of images instead of the actual image associated with the glow. However, these aren't huge bugs and seeing as this is a beta map, should be fixed for the final version :D There's also a few wierd looking buildings which disappear in midair near the bottom of the map, but overall the visual effect is very appealing.

I also found myself liking the music which goes with the map, its fast-paced, but still fits the aura of the map. Conversely, there's no bot support which is a real downside to this map, and I can't say I like the levelshot, but thats just being too picky lol :)

New Sounds: Yes New Textures: Yes Bot Support: No

~Szico VII~

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Download 'ctf_ppdisabledii.zip' (8.73MB)


As some of you have already said that PPDisabled was your favorate map, I finally have dont what I always wanted to do on it, the way it looks, plays and so forth.  It was worth the wait trust me!  I cant stop finding new jumps, routes and awesome scenes from this map, ive enjoyed it so much ive decided to release this beta2 on pcgamemods.com

Thanks to all who enjoyed it, and who begged for it to be put back up on refresh.  I've increased framerate, and done loads of work on this.  Special thanks to bluestar for his weaponry placement ideas, thanks to nubster for beta testing and all of you guys who make me want to keep at mapping.  Vico I left in pugz sign for old school sake, perhaps one day you will get a server back up!  

Instructions: put pk3 into base folder


This is BETA2 , not final.  The final release will include ffa/tffa spawn points and clipping around areas.  Im also working hard on fixing alot of weird brushes, the red base see through brush face, and some other stuff. Again I had so much fun just playing around on it ive sent it to go up  on refresh and have put it out here to get more feedback - a number of you want this to help test.

Zod kneels before you!

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