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Its not that often that we get CTF maps in here really. FFA is probably the main gametype used for maps, so maybe that’s why. I always enjoy...


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Its not that often that we get CTF maps in here really. FFA is probably the main gametype used for maps, so maybe that’s why. I always enjoy reviewing CTF maps though, as I used to play a lot of CTF in JK2! So I’m always glad when I get to review a new CTF map ;)

Personally I quite enjoyed this map, overall I think that the gameplay, and the flow of the map was very good, you could certainly have some frantic battles here. Features like the breakable glass added to the fun of the map, after all, who doesn’t like to shoot at a window with their blaster and see the glass shatter? ;) As for the weapon placement, which is very important in a CTF map, I must say that it is pretty well balanced. There weren’t too many weapons too close together, they were all well spread out, and they were in strategic places too. For instance trip mines and rocket launchers on a ledge overlooking a narrow pathway between the two bases.

Now, onto the architecture and lighting. All in all I think the construction and architecture of the map was pretty cool, there were quite a few nice features, like the pillars rising out of a bottomless pit in the flag base area. The shapes were very unusual but I really liked them. I also liked how they were textured, white overall, but with black in the areas that were cut out of the pillar. The black and white textures used (they are the same texture, one colored white, and one colored black) go together quite nicely I think.

However I feel that in some areas they were used a bit too often, and some parts looked a little flat. Overall though, I liked the way the black and white textures were used, because they made the map look quite ‘space-age’. The other textures used went with the black and white ones pretty well too I think. :)

As for the lighting, that also was pretty good, however in one or two areas it seemed a bit harsh. Overall though, not bad!

I think this is a pretty cool CTF map, it looks cool, and has good playability too. Probably my favourite area, is where there are two bottomless pits, with a narrow passage inbetween them that connects the blue base to the red base. Out of the pits rise two pillars with weapons on top, and overlooking the passage are ledges where there are rocket launchers and trip mines. That place would be great for some really intense battles!

One thing the map could have done with is some music though! It’s a bit too quiet. :/

But all in all a nice CTF map here, give it a download if you like the look of it! ;)

Bot Support: No New Textures: Yes New Sounds: No New Music: No Game Types: CTF


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Download 'tribute.zip' (1.31MB)


Author                  : Cuko
Email Address           : contactcuko@hotmail.com
Website URL             : n/a

Programs used		: radiant

Map description         : An Imperial theme.  Map is ideal for a typical 4 vs 4 pick up game.  Wide range of weapons.

* Play Information *

Game types supported	: CTF
New Textures		: Yes
New Sounds		: No
Bot support		: No

* How to use this map *

Extract ctf_tribute.pk3 into base folder, load with the ingame menu

* Special thanks to : *

Tritoch and ACDC Fan Bill for helping keep ctf fresh with their contributions.
Then, of course, the refresh & Beyond Suppression communities. 


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