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Okay, and next up we bring to the table.... paintbucketed Desann and Cultist? Well, kinda. 'Kinda'? Yeah, 'kinda'. I mean kinda as in the...


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Okay, and next up we bring to the table.... paintbucketed Desann and Cultist? Well, kinda.

'Kinda'? Yeah, 'kinda'. I mean kinda as in they are flat colors, but they don't exactly look like the "lolirsplashpintbukatovrmesh" type of paintbucketing. There's a degree of control, as seen in the fact the entire texture files aren't covered by the same color. The intricate patterning as shown in red isn't a bad dealio, but again the semi-flat coloration just lets it down. =/

'Kinda' also means, paintbucketing isn't the only thing that's been done. There are other elements and graphical effects, there's minor scorch/shade effects on parts, etc. That's good, it means Gabe is off to a good start - most people would be content with just slapping a flat color layer over the entire texture file.

Overall, the whole thing comes across as not being as detailed as it should be. The skins are mostly what you'd expect from cel-shading, to be honest. The basics are down good, as is the design. All that's left to do is flesh it out and focus in increasing the detail levels. Venture over to our forums - plenty of graphics experts who will offer you tips and tricks for Photoshop/GIMP, whichever you use, and we'll also offer feedback on... well, anything we're capable of offering feedback on.

It's typical debut material, which isn't inherently bad. In fact, I've seen far worse debuts - my own probably ranking among the worst. There's a lot of room for improvement, and the concept and design is good, so keep at it Gabe, and as your skills improve, don't forget these skins - because I'd be interested to see what they'd look like once they reach their full potential.

~ Kouen

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		    Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy

		   The Mythos of Cthulhu skins
TITLE**: Cthulu Mythos V1
AUTHOR**: revan4ever 
E-MAIL**: revanrulesthesith@yahoo.com

FILENAMES: Mythos member A.pk3; Mythos member B
FILESIZE: 1.56 mb, (1,641,672 bytes) 

CREDITS: Credits to the SL clan for making the SLC skin, of which mythos A would not be possible! kudos guys, too bad i don't like clanning... or id join to commemerate you. and off course, mr. lucas, for being the uberness he is and thinking up star wars and jedi academy. THANKS LUCAS IM UR BIGGEST FAN! ^^ 

INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS: it's very simple, go into your main drive, then into program files, and then lucas arts. (i find it helpful to make a shortcut to lucas arts), and once in lucasarts, go to to your jedi academy folder, and then the base folder. drag and drop them there. 

DESCRIPTION: basically remodels Dessann and a cultist to be cthulu green and have tentacled faces/small wings on back. both come with their own elder simbol, and strike fear into the hearts of your enemy! 

BUGS: the tenatles and wings don't show up very well on the cultist, but i still like him the best anyway. ^^ 

COMMENTS: this is my daybue mod... so wish me luck! included are screenies just 4 u... hope you love them and the mod as much as i do! there are some hidden awesomeness's included.... >:) watch and see what they are. COMMING UP is my Cthulhu saber mod, new sabers and saber blade colors!


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