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Okay, here are some seriously scary skins. To me, at least. This is a collection of skins of the Cult of Vengeant. There's a very detailed...


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Okay, here are some seriously scary skins. To me, at least. This is a collection of skins of the Cult of Vengeant. There's a very detailed story, which appears to still be a work in progress, in the readme. It explains how they came to be and what ideals they hold.

All of the skins here are reskins of the Emperor Palpatine/Darth Sidious model. The first two seem to bare their insides - their bones and a green glow. Okay, freaky. Their faces are mostly white with some black markings here and there. However, their faces are shrouded in such a way that it's almost impossible to make out any features. The third skin is nearly blinding. The neon green covers the entire robe of the Sith - even his face. On the fourth there are simple symbols covering the robe on the front, back and sides. And finally, the last skin is similar to the other bright green one, the only difference is that this guy has no hood to hide his face. And he bears a green marking on his head - could that be "The Mark of Remembrance”?

There are a few new taunts included - all of them praising the Dark Side. Each skin has bot support, but none have team support. This is a great skin pack, not only because of the interesting skinning, but also because of the involved story included.

Bot Support: Yes Team Colors: No New Sounds: Yes


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CultOfVengeant Skin Pack by: DarthVengeant

skined for Me
I am {EJA}DarthVengeant{S} of clan EJA

Bot support yes
Teams and Colors yes
scripts yes
new sounds yes

'2003 DarthVengeant
[email protected]

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also: THenx to Clan SOS for the skin idea

| Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy |

Author : Darth Vengeant aka {EJA}DarthVengeant{S}

Email :[email protected] 

Clan page : or

| Skin Information |

Comments :This is a complete reskin of the Emperor Palpatine/Darth Sidious model.
The story behind Darth Vengeant: 

Darth Vengeant, Son of Kulas Devorn, ancient Sith Lord of old. 

Kulas Devorn was a Sith Lord and founder of New Ziost after the time of the Great Sith War's and despised the Sith and what they had become, squabbling scourge with no honor and no ambition beyond greed and lust. Kulas and his followers thought Sith should have honor and pride in their ways and always remember the past, to prepare and teach each generation of its lessons, to think of the future and be ready for what it may bring. During the main outbreak of the Sith Wars he and his bride along with 40 of his followers broke from the Sith and set forth towards the unknown regions and traveled for 3 years until they came upon a planet which was completely uninhabited by any advanced life forms. They declared this world "New Ziost" and built many temples and training grounds for future generations of Sith. 

Around 40 years after establishing themselves, and finally separating themselves from the rest of the Sith and their unconstructive ways, two generations had been raised upon the new ground of New Ziost. Their population had become larger and developed a council and government of laws of its own. At this time Kulas born a son; Mardus Devorn, and began to raise him in the new ways and new laws of their new home world. His bride, Kayeal Devorn nearly died in the birth but survived through the force and its power. Mardus Devorn was extremely force sensitive and [email protected]%%ed all the others of the population, some students challenged him, but all failed and were struck down with a scar to remember it by. Mardus believed that killing was not the answer if a lesson is to be learned as well as needing each person for advancement of their culture and the baring of children. 

At the age of 20 Mardus had become the most powerful Sith on their world and carried with him the knowledge of his father and mother as well as their new laws and culture. He was respected as much as his father and some awaited the time when he took his fathers place as Supreme Dark Lord. If one was to despise and challenge him, they soon bore what was now known as “The Mark of remembrance”, the scar, and would repent of their ways and earn their way back into society with a new respect for Mardus and the need of each individual to partake in their roll on New Ziost and its ways. A few had been killed from threats of traveling back to the other Sith and revealing this world, but most wanted to be separate and live concealed. The executions were public and always met with understanding and no protest. 

One night Kulas Devorn awoke from his sleep and had a vision in the force, disturbing him and revealing the future and what might come to [email protected]%%. In his vision a man with flowing long red hair led a war on his planet, a Jedi, but it was far, far in the future, perhaps 2,000 years or more. He could only remember pieces of his vision when he awoke, but the name Skywalker remained vivid, somehow having to do with the invasion on his world. The following day he revealed his vision to his followers in a great speech, he asked of a plan to deal with this threat from the elder’s of his council. Upset was furthered by Mardus when he reveled he had the vision as well. But, one question remained; How could they develop a plan when this was to happen generations from now? 

That evening Mardus revealed a plan to his father in secret. A daring plan, but one that was sure not to fail, and to reveal the truth of his vision. His plan was surely unorthodox, it involved a time machine that the scientists had been developing, but the device was unrefined, unpredictable, and still in its testing stages. He would travel back, using the force as his ally, to the time of the threat and destroy the invaders before anything was even known of New Ziost and its inhabitants. After much arguing, Kulas reluctantly agreed. 

All plans were kept secret as to stop a threat of sabotage or challenges of Mardus being the one to go instead of them. The scientists refined the device and prepared it for use. Mardus trained hard for his mission and within two months all was ready. Kayeal was unsure of this plan and watched over every day of Mardus’s training, teaching him the ways of the Jedi and their weaknesses. Jedi ways were kept secret from the public so that none would partake of their ways and threaten the society of New Ziost, only a few had even read the texts since their arrival. Jedi were though of as a distant threat, but never though of as worth. 

(story to be finished soon)

These are also the Sons of Vengeant and keepers of the Sith Ways. 


| Installation Information |

Put the .pk3 file in the GameData\base directory :

C:\Program Files\LucasArts\Star Wars Jedi Knight Jedi Academy\GameData\base

To uninstall, remove from the directory above.

** Dedicated to The Sith and ETM clan **

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