{??} Cultist Skin

Black Cultist. Purple outlines. While I'm tempted to end the review there and go play SpaceCowboy, it's not worth the whipping which woul...


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File Description

Black Cultist. Purple outlines.

While I'm tempted to end the review there and go play SpaceCowboy, it's not worth the whipping which would be imparted. And that chain hurts, ya know?

*ahem* In essence, that's the entire concept behind this cultist. It's all black, and it's got purple outlining, although I'd say it was more like pink. Surprisingly, it doesn't look like total c- *cough* junk.

I get the feeling it's been blackened from a mix of desaturation and brightness tweaking. Why do I think this? Because the texturing hasn't been erased, of course! The pinkification process seems to have been harsher, though. While it looks OK in contrast to the black, the pink textures don't retain the original model's texuring. And it's too damn bright. And... pink eyes? What the moo? The clan tag on the back was probably a bad move, too - firstly, it's not blended, and secondly, it should have been placed somewhere a bit more appropriate.

I did like the little orb tidbit around his neck, though. Looks kinda like an Amulet Of Metaspell Influence. Guess this guy can memorize an extra level 2 spell. :)

It's a pretty good skinning job on the whole, though. So, if you're after a new cultist variant, give this one a whirl. It doesn't suck as much as you may think from the ModView screenshot.

~ Kouen

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TITLE: {??} Cultist Skin
AUTHOR: Knuckles624
E-MAIL: cellonerd624@gmail.com
WEBSITE: http://www.myspace.com/cell_phone

FILENAME: AJ_purple_cultist
DATE RELEASED: 3 August 2006

CREDITS: I would like to give credits to Pakscape and ModView for their use. I would also like to give credits to NinjaShadow and Genesis for helping me with the skin and its idea.
INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS**: When downloading save it in your gamedata/base folder. If you dont know where that is, here is the full location: C:\Program Files\LucasArts\Star Wars Jedi Knight Jedi Academy\GameData\base Once saved, go in and unzip the files.

DESCRIPTION: So I just started learning how to skin today. I wanted my first project to be for my clan called {??}. I think this reskin of the cultist model is perfect for the clan. Our clan's logo is imprinted on the back of the cultist. Enjoy!

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