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Here I have for you a custom start up screen for you too dig your teeth into! and not a bad one at that.

I get the feeling this was c...


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Here I have for you a custom start up screen for you too dig your teeth into! and not a bad one at that.

I get the feeling this was created for the players who enjoy that mighty glowy stick we call a Lightsaber. If you look in the top right and left hand corners of the Start up screen, you can see Lightsaber blades. Also the sounds included are the ignition, hum, and deactivation of a Lightsaber. Graphical wise the colors seem to clash a little in places, though good effects are used.

The author has also included a few other variations of the start up with different Lightsaber colors in the top corners. So basically, if your more of the Dark side then you can use the red version, or if your more of the Light Side then there's Blue, Green, Orange etc..

If you like Lightsabers, I would say this is for you!

-|Jorka Sho'Hen|-

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Download '' (5.5MB)

Extract all of the files into your Jedi Academy INSTALL folder, not your base folder. This is essential in making this work. I'd highly suggest backing up the original menu files in case you do not wish to keep the menu or eventually decide to switch back.

Your Jedi Academy Install folder would be located here by default: C:\Program Files\LucasArts\Star Wars Jedi Knight Jedi Academy\Install

THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT IF YOU DON'T LIKE THE MENU! In order to get the DEFAULT menu back you must get all of the DEFAULT .wav, .tga. and .bmp files back into the Jedi Academy Install folder.

--->About the menu and author<---
The graphics were created using Adobe After Effects. This is my second  attempt at a menu but I hope you enjoy it nonetheless.

I've included in this several extra files called Product_(name of color, EX: Product_Red). These include different lightsaber colors in the top left and right corner. Here's how you can install them:

Move the original Product.bmp file somewhere in which it wont interfere with anything...I typically use my desktop. Take one of the Product_(name of color).bmp files and rename ONE OF THEM to Product. Move that file where the original Product.bmp file was and you will see new colors! Just double-click on any of the Product_(name of color).bmp files to view the lightsaber color difference.

Thanks for Downloading! :D

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