Cyber Trooper and sword

You know, normally I'm totally flat out ecstatic about work that has Tobe in it. This time, however, it's sort of swing and miss on my front...


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File Description

You know, normally I'm totally flat out ecstatic about work that has Tobe in it. This time, however, it's sort of swing and miss on my front..

Of course, this doesn't mean the work is bad. Behold, for it is a human merc reskin to envision a strange new trooper of some sort. The concept itself is interesting, but it sort of lost me. Suffice to say, however, the skinning is excellent, as per usual. Even the skin texture on the previously covered arms looks pretty good. The thing that pretty much lost my favor is the team skins and basically one aspect of the skin. First off, the team skins are pretty much just recolors, which is not usually in Tobe's style, so that was a slight, but not crippling disappointment. The thing that did it for me was the word "Cyber" on the back. "But Averus, it's just a word!" Yes, but it basically ruined the feel of the skin. Usually less skilled skinners do things like this, and I could have thought of several theme appropriate things(Say like" Special Forces Division 100110101 Alpha Squadron, or unit #blah) to put on there other than the word "Cyber."

The weapon was also a little disappointing, mostly in the sound department. Visually speaking, it's great. A great model by Seancsnm. The tag needs some adjusting to make the weapon look like it's facing the right way, but it truly has a cybernetic visual feel to it. However, as I said, the sound department feels really awkward. The activation/deactivation and idle sounds were fine, but the swinging sounds and spin sounds were just too "soft" to feel like you were swinging a weapon. People could argue that these sounds are theme-appropriate, but logic compels me to argue otherwise in the name of user entertainment.

Regardless of what I may have conveyed in the upper paragraphs, I still think you gents did a fine job. I just personally can't say it's awesome because of my clashes with some aspects @_@. For those of you who don't care, BY ALL MEANS, ENGAGE BANDWIDTH TO MAX SPEED

Bot Support:Aye NPC Support:Aye New Sounds: Aye Team Support:Aye

- Averus Retruthan

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TITLE         : Cyber Trooper                        (skin & weapon)
AUTHOR    : Seancsnm&Tobe

FILENAME :  cyber_trooper.pk3
FILESIZE    :   2.53 MB
DATE RELEASED: 5/18/2008

NPC support :  Yes
Bot support :    Yes
Team support : Yes
New Weapon Sound:     Yes


 *  Credits  *

   Model: Seancsnm
   Skin:   Tobe


 *  Features  *

    New Player Skins with color green, blue, and red. all skins selectable as species in SP/MP.
               ( If the skin doesn't appear in SP on the species menu, just switch between species to make it work :)
    New Weapons : new swords with color green, blue, and red.
    CAUTION: Hover Board in the screenshot is not included :P get it from here, 


 *  To Install  *

   Unzip and place "cyber_trooper.pk3" into your Jedi Academy base folder:   
                 StarWars JediKnight Jedi Academy/GameData/base


 *  Weapon Spawn List  *


 *  NPC Spawn List  *



 *  To Uninstall  *

            Remove all files that's from "cyber_trooper.pk3" from your base folder. That's all.


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