D-Legion Monolith

Well, here's a somewhat new version of that massive map that took near 2 hours for Kouen to review =_=

Right, so mos...


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Well, here's a somewhat new version of that massive map that took near 2 hours for Kouen to review =_=

Right, so most of the map seems virtually the same. This made it damn hard to find anything that was changed and/or new, so here's basically what I could find:

- New Ambient Sounds: There were some screams and a new bridge creaking noise. Trouble is, I do mean "noise." It's looped repetitively to a point, and the screams basically come out of nowhere in a silent map. They really didn't add much atmosphere

- New Arena down at the bottom of the chasmed conference room: A couple new teleporters will take you to a simple chain-held arena where an abyss once was.

- New Skybox in Skull Castle Area: Sort of looks like Halo now, although in some ways it doesn't. (at least to me, seeing I've only played Halo 1)

- Secret to ruining the game: Whilst I'm not sure if this was in the last version or not, I noted a very very very potent secret, which I normally wouldn't reveal, but seeing as it could mean the difference between staying and leaving the server, I'll speak'th it: Basically there's this one button in the map called the "Annihilation of the Universe" button. In essence, when pressed, EVERYONE(including the presser,) dies. What makes it worse is that everyone dies PERMANENTLY, in a matter of speaking. Every time you respawn, you automatically "fall to your death." It sucks horribly if you're in a crowded server and someone finds the button whilst you're having fun.

- The rancor below the throne room is audible now.

- There seems to be a new hatch on the giant tank: albeit I'm not sure how it can be opened from the outside.

- The castle and monolith seem to be linked now, although whether that was in the other version remains to be seen.

Overall, the changes here seem to be very minor to warrant a full 2.0, but ah well. My mind is too weary and battered to think of anything cunning or witty, so commence bandwidth destroying as you will -_-;

New Textures: Aye New Music: Nay Secrets to plunder: Aye Bot Support: Nay

- Averus Retruthan

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Download 'dmonolith2.zip' (48.38MB)

Jedi Knight  : Jedi Academy 

VERSION      : 2.0
E-MAIL       : punisher_dio@hotmail.com 
WEBSITE      :  

FILENAME     : DMonolith2.pk3 
FILESIZE     : 48,8 Mb 
DATE RELEASED: 24 January 2008 first release,03/07/2008 version 1.0, and 03/08/2008 last release (this one) 

CREDITS      : HUGE list!
               in the order they come to my mind:
               * to MSLAF, a very good mapper, that inspired me, 
                 and allowed me to use some models made by him.
               * to jedicouncilgcx texture creator. 
                 the best and more useful custom texture i found,thanks!
               * to the creators of some awesome *.md3 models
               * to the creators of mini-ties.this things are great!
               * to ayala,for the help in scripts with mini-ties
                 and other. really thanks!
               * richdiesal for his great and simple tutorials.
               * lots of sites for tutorials.
               * to all the people that helped me with editor problems and bugs,
                 to many editing forums, to the people that inpired me and 
                 to people that allowed me to use their textures or models! thanks!
  NOTE FOR     * to ID software for this great engine, for great games and for 
  JK3FILES       Q3A textures and models inspiration. must be sayied something about this:
                 i downloaded entire packs of "remade" textures and models, 
                 made by fan of the game, freely avaible online, 
                 that not violate any plagiarism policy around here, and with the permission
                 of the various authors. map was started over a year ago....i formatted 
                 my PC many and many times from the start of this work, and by now i can just 
                 give you the link to some sites i used to get this awesome 3D models, don't ask 
                 to me to link each model please, because is a huge work to re-track down 
                 each single model i used.it's all online, you can search and you will find them,
                 like i did!
               * to sith J cull for some very good ground textures.
                 a very good mapper!
               * to "mighty pete" for the really good skybox texture of the castle area! 
               * to my beautiful girl! she supported me with her love!

INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS : place the " DMonolith2.PK3 " file 
                            in your JKA (jedi academy) game folder,
                            in the directory GAMEDATA/BASE.
                            should be in the same folder as "assets1.pk3"
                            then start the game, create a new match, and under
                            "duel, ffa or power duel" you should find the map. 

TECHNICAL  : total brushes: 5606, total entities: 1727, lights: 578, misc_model: 79, 
             misc_model_static: 177, trigger_teleport: 68, NPC_vehicle: 14 .

DESCRIPTION: is a map for JKA (JK3, or jedi academy, call it as you want)
             it has some features like flayable mini-tie fighters, a bot and vehicle spawner,
             many rooms to duel, each one with a particular "touch" and things in it, 
             many places to have FFA, many points where u can duel with a dangerous environment
             (mainly endless pit around you ;). to be precise u can find:
             -an "outside" room, the top of a mountain with the monolith on top of it
             -the monolith "main/throne" room, with a view over the hell pit, 
              and doors leading to every other room of the map.
             -"warp" room, with a buried giant in it and many roks flying around...
             -"lava" room, with a table for meetings, and a lot of space for duel.
             -"arena" room, really simple, with vehicles and bot spawner in it.
             -a room with 2 flying pyramids in it, good for duel/FFA on dangerous place.
             -"land raider" room (land raider is that kind of tank, inspired by warhammer 40k,
              that u can find in the cave under the castle, to open its forcefield, use the 
              button on the left of the throne in the same room)
             -"hall of fame" room, with many pictures in it (and not only.... ;) 
             -a room with a little forest, a waterfall and a round bed.
             -"the ring", where u can have ridicolous fight using the push of the ring
             -a room with a giant statue in the middle of it, in witch you can enter.
             -the caves, accessible from different points of the map.
             -the "skull castle" room....with 2 accessible towers, the main throne room with the balconys,
              with a spiked roof,many catwalks, and even an arena on the middle of the roof.            

             supported gametypes: duel, FFA, powerduel, TFFA.
             is made by my fantasy, anyway is inspired by warhammer 40k.
             THE STORY: 
                       in a galaxy far far away....
                       on a planet in the edge of the galaxy, buried inside 
                       the top of a mountain was discovered an ancient artifact,
                       coming from another time,and from outside the galaxy.
                       is power can be unimaginable.
                       imperials have secured the place around the escavation site,
                       they have cleared the artifact from rocks, but now they 
                       waited for you to enter the monolith... 
             map is quite simple in main concept....exterior, interior main room,
             secondary rooms. anyway it as many "secret" areas, some easy to find,
             some hard. on one i want give a suggest: just be sure to be in the 
             center under the heaven light when it illuminate the skull ;)
             (i don't say "how" go there, but be sure to check: 
             the labirinth caves,the arena with the 4 guardians and the "plan B" room.   

BUGS       : no bugs know. report if you find them!
             -bots spawned in the arena, and the four guardians on certain configurations seems to crash the game
              i don't know what to do about this, if you have a solution, contact me!
             -with JKA patch 1.01,with FORCEMOD III, and FORCEMOD III patch 1.01 all works perfectly.
              but if you have a lot of other *.PK3 (replacing vehicles,hehehehe) it can happen that some vehicles
              will not work. 

COMMENTS   : was a continous fight against the editor bugs (GTKradiant 1.5.0)
             for small map it's easy, but when map grow it start to be very buggy!
             suggest: FORCEMOD III. is a very good mod, will give you much.

             there is a lot of space for dueling....anyway i find fun have fights in 
             "dangerous places".....for this purpose this map is full of this kind of places,
             hope you will use them ;)             


bye bye!

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