D SKULL airship



here goes:[/i]Once again, DLEGION unleashes a massive mortar of a map whose content shakes the FPS and makes you just go "Waggh @_@"So, 133 MB, and whaddya get? A HUGE, pretty much luxurious cruiser. Quite RPable, although the ship is so incredibly expansive, it might confuse the hell out of you. At this point, I have little to no choice but to pretty much take it deck by deck..Deck 5Alright, so before I begin, each deck has a teleport that can warp the player to Decks 1, 2, 4, and 5. Deck 3 is only accessible from Deck 4, and there's no teleport from there. As you journey throughout the ships, expect a lot of NPC bikini gals about, as I guess the corporation that owns this ship likes to employ a lot of women. Deck 5 is essentially the pleasure deck, adorned with a bar, foozball table, hot tub, honeymoon bed, TV, and a holo-deck. The holo-deck takes you to two places: A beach, and and a ruined castle scape in the mountains. These places, I'll admit, are pretty neat, but a word of advice to JA+ users: DO NOT GRAPPLE! As soon as you hit "use" to disconnect, you'll exit the holograph immediately, as the entire room seems to hold one giant usable entity.Deck 4Deck 4 is where the players spawn. Unfortunately, there's only two spawn points, so expect a bit of heavy spawn resistance if the map is restarted n' what not. Behind the spawn points is a hatch that will allow you to exit the ship and drop into space(with no consequences.) I'll go in depth into this area later. Deck 4 has a bar, a conference table of sorts, several cryo-tubes, an infirmary, barracks, and what appears to be the bridge. I guess this serves as a bit of a multi-purpose deck. I noticed a rather odd entity in the bridge, where the triad of chairs in the front seem to have a set of cubes that expand and contract for some reason. All I can say is ._. ...neat.Deck 3This deck, as said before, is reachable only via Deck 4 by stairs, and can be sealed off with the press of a button. This deck has a large swimming pool of sorts, a bar, bedrooms, all sorts of furniture(including a piano,) and two hatches that allow you to drop outside the ship like Deck 4. Not much else to say here, so moving on...Deck 2Deck 2 seems to be where it's at, as there's a lot going on here. We have an Astrometrics(I think that's the right term,) room, a set of general machine assembly labs, an armory, mechanical cryo chambers(since they store droids,) engineering, and what appears to be a reactor room. The deeper you go into this area, the lower your FPS is going to drop. I myself sunk to about 22 FPS on my Geforce GTS 250.Deck 1Deck 1, thankfully, has only one use: It's the hangar. This is where you can acquire one of Manquesa's splendid Episode 3 Starfighters and fly on out into space...this is also where you learn that there's a HYPER turbolaser that'll fire at you(not sure if there's a control button for that or not) at mach 5 and inevitably take you down. This place is very spacious, has very healthy FPS, and since it doesn't have the "use" trap that the holo decks possess, I'd recommend this deck for any dueling you feel like partaking in. There is a static ship you can enter via the use button, but it'd not exactly what you'd call expansive, but I figured I'd mention it anyway.The Rest of the MapAs I've been passing through these decks, I have consistently passed on mentioning that the skybox is pretty much visible here on every deck. Essentially, to answer any questions, it's the spacescape in Battle over Coruscant, which doesn't make much sense to me, but I guess it works. The flightspace outside the ship is somewhat confined, and the additional downside of the spastic turrets and the MASSIVE FPS drop when you turn your fighter towards the cruiser(went down to 15 for me,) makes it sort of useless to fight out here. Your best best will more than likely to fly downwards, which will take you into a condensed version of Eurocorp Citadel. This cityscape has plenty of space for you to fly your ships without fear of getting shot out by the lasers, and have a reasonably peaceful FPS. If you survive/get bored, you can just fly up into the sky to return to the ship.The Map as a WholeI'll confess, the first time I set eyes on this map, I really didn't like it. Over time, however, as I got more familiar with the map, i've found it's not that bad. It's certainly an RPable map for those interested in roleplay, though practical applications for other players may be limited, as the ship is quite close quarters. Even as I write this review, I'm still constantly discovering secrets and interactive objects that I have yet to see. Even more interesting is that he seems to have implemented some sort of "noclip countermeasure" throughout the ship, so you can't really noclip through it without being bounced around and disoriented. It's plain to see Punitore worked his ass off to make this map happen, and suffice to say, it's worth a look.Welp, quite the astounding piece of work y'got there, chief. I can definitely say your work is improving. Hope to see what else you got in store for us.New Textures: AyeNew Music: AyeSecrets to plunder: AyeBot Support: Nay- Averus Retruthan


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