Okay this personal skin is called and made by Daevalis. It is a reskin of the The Avengers of Alderaan model by Aaron Smith, although I can\...


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Okay this personal skin is called and made by Daevalis. It is a reskin of the The Avengers of Alderaan model by Aaron Smith, although I can't find anything at the moment. Perhaps because I'm slightly under the influence of alcohol :P. ANYWAY, so yeah this model doesn't look all that bad, considering I can't find the other one though I guess I don't have a template to compare to. I sort of like the face mask kind of thing that the skin has, even though it is just a plain white. Daevalis looks like what the typical padawan/jedi should look like. He has the brown robe with the all too common white pants, as before I do quite like the look behind the skin although I prefer the robed version more than the unrobed. I'm not too sure on the reason why. I just can't put my finger on it. All I know is I like it more, I guess if anything you could say it looks more complete.

Well surprisingly this skin doesn't have the good old JKA take that taunt. But instead it uses the SP Kyle taunts, which although isn't amazingly great they still work better than THAT taunt. No team colours which doesn't really surprise me for some reason, perhaps it's because too many skins these days don't use them. Anyway I don't have much more to add to this apart from I like the reskin and it could be touched up with a few things like sounds and team colours. Possibly even bot support for the 56k'ers out there. I apologise for the review too because I've been unable to find the model to compare it to. For all I know they could of just added a beauty mark to the skin :P.

Skin Stats New Sounds: Yes/No (SP Kyle) Team Support: No Bot Support: No


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Download 'daevalis.zip' (937KB)


July 30th 2004
===============I N F O================

Author - Daevalis

Website - http://www.wlt-clan.tk/

File Name -Daevalis.pk3

Version – 1.0

Skin Name - Light°Jedi°Daevalis{W.L.T}

No known bugs

===========D E S C R I P T I O N=========

Model Created by Aaron Smith

It’s my first skin. Based on The Avengers of Alderaan model (Aaron Smith)
This is a Light Quinlan Vos version.
I should you enjoy this skin !

Unzip the Daevalis.zip file into your "base" folder in the JK3 gamedata folder.

C O P Y R I G H T   &   S T U F F

The Avengers of Alderaan
Model - "" by Aaron Smith

Special Thanks: ViLLOu (screens, support...); Horus(assistance...); Tenken( assistance...); Saymos...and all the members of W.L.T.

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