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For those of you who have never read a game manual (yeah, you know who you are) let me recite a bit that's usually on the inside cover, und...


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For those of you who have never read a game manual (yeah, you know who you are) let me recite a bit that's usually on the inside cover, under a big warning label:

A very small percentage of people may possibly experience a seizure when exposed to certain light patterns, flashing lights or other visual images that appear in computer software games. If you, or anyone in your family, have an epileptic condition, consult your physician before installing or using the software.

I think it's safe to say that this map is proof-positive that the warning is worth reading. So yeah... got seizures? Don't download this map. You've been warned!

Anyway, I know most of you aren't old enough to legally go to a night club, but let me tell you that this map shows why I've never gone to one. Even if you're not epileptic, being in a place with so many lights would give you such a headache, I assume. Just imagine if you were drunk... :lol:. Ahem, anyway, even the author recommends that you not play this map for extended periods of time.

The hook here is the blinking and color-changing lights. The club itself is boxy, featuring a large open room, a stage, a dance floor, and a bar. The stage has speakers and, uh, that thing that the DJ's use. The bar has... some stools. And some booze. Beyond that it's architecturally very straight forward. And of course there's fitting music, for those who wondered. You won't be getting a seizure without the pleasure of techno music.

Bot Support: Yes New Textures: Yes New Models: No New Music: Yes


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Filesize: 2,173 KB
FileNAME: zzzDanceClubDuel.pk3
Release Date: 5-30-2007
Map build time: about three weeks, kinda off and on though.
Website: NO

INSTALLATION: Unzip the file to any directory but make sure you put the pk3 file in your C:/Programfiles/Lucasarts/JediAcademy/Gamedata/base folder.

Description: Have you ever wanted to duel in a disco-dance club? There is no physical disco ball, but there are &quot;glowing&quot; panels on the walls and the dance floor that give that lighting  
effect instead. This comes with a stage of sorts, a DJ table and speakers on the stage, a bar, and a dance floor. Uh, there isn't much else to say that isn't said by the  
screenshots, so feel free to download and give this map a try.

Bugs: I don't know of any z-fighting, leakage, missing textures, or bugs, but post any in the comments!

Comments: I was planning on having lights that pulsed on and off, with no fading. But the game didn't seem to have what I was looking for so I just used Test Blending which  
creates a disco multi colored lighting effect. I was pleased with the result. This has bot support, but it is my first time and it isn't the greatest. If anyone wants to  
resubmit this map with better bot support go ahead, just credit me fully and include this readme of course. Feel free to check out my other files!

Credits: I made this map by myself. I made two of the textures. The other two textures were not created by me and the music was not created by me.
Music: &quot;Bangtastic House&quot; by Erectronic. Can be found on New Grounds Audio portal under house genre. It is free to use for Flash so why would maps be any different? ;) Check out some of his music.

Textures: Two of them were created in Photoshop by me (using fills that came with it and I just painted over) and two others from the internet. One of them is the same I used in  
my first map from and the other I downloaded from some Japanese site. Here is the URL:
Definitely check out that site!
List of new textures: Metal grip floor/red cushion/speaker texture/wood texture. That's four lol!

RichDiesal for the awesome tutorials. This wouldn't be possible if not for you!
LucasArts/Raven soft. for creating the game.
George Lucas for creating Star Wars.

What this map has to offer:
New Sounds: NO
New Models: NO
New Textures: YES
New Music: YES
Bot Support: YES 

Special Features:
Disco light effect. If you can't tell by the screenshots, the lights change colors like a disco club. So I recommend that you don't play for too long in this map. Also, I find  
that the colors can be mesmerizing. If you have epilepsy you should think twice before downloading this file. Sorry, but if this is a problem for you, you probably shouldn't be  
playing video games in the first place.... I am not to be held responsible for any seizures! This is your responsibility!
Architectural features: A bar, a dance floor, a stage with speakers and a DJ table thingy, and a platform with a pole which I am sure you can imagine what is for ;)

Bot support: This map here is my first to have bot support, so it kinda sucks. I had trouble making it without getting a ton of errors... but finally I did it and you CAN duel  
bots, it's just better with people or NPCs.

MAPS TO COME: My next map will be a wrestling arena with a cage that can be lowered and some other cool stuff I hope. Unlike my first two duel maps, this one will be quite  


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