Dante's Rebellion

So, slight upgrade on the last version. You may remember how both Dantrag_tc and I complained about the OTT shaders....


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So, slight upgrade on the last version.

You may remember how both Dantrag_tc and I complained about the OTT shaders. They're now toned down to be more realistic. Yes, that's right, you can use the sword without reducing your monitor's brightness to 25%! :p In all seriousness, they're a lot more metallic and a lot less Mr Sheen. So, pass on that count.

The blade and ribcage are modified to more closely resemble DMC4. How accurate the changes make the sword, I can't estimate as I have no comparison materials, but it's definitely a lot more sleek. Yeah, sleek, that's the word. Sleek as a sonic pen. At the rate things are going, also as 'sleek' as the chart showing how much sunshine we're gonna get in this great British summer. While that may be good for the sword, it's not good for us Brits!

And finally, the skull looks less like a reject monster from a B-Grade Quake III rip-off. Glowing red eyes, how.... cliché.

~ Kouen

Side note: When deleting the duplicate screenshots on the previous version, I found myself muttering "Delete!" every time I clicked the delete button - four times in rapid succession. To my own ears, I sounded like a Cyberman! O_O

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Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy 
TITLE: Dante's Rebellion v 1.7 
AUTHOR: Dantrag_tc 
E-MAIL: Nighteyes_60@hotmail.com 

FILENAMES: DMC4_Rebellion_v_1.7.pk3 
File Size : 1735kb 
Version: 1.7 

DATE RELEASED: July 4th, 2008 

INSTALLATION: Extract the .pk3 to the gamedata/base folder of your Jedi Academy directory. 

UNINSTALLATION: Remove the .pk3 from your base-folder 

DESCRIPTION: Here is an improved version of my original failed attempt to create Dante's 
trademark sword Rebellion. It's still not 100% accurate, mainly because of the head, with my skills 
modelling a head with it's jaw open and tongue sticking out is an imposibillaty, atleast for now. So 
please enjoy. 

What's new: 
- Some minor tweaks again: Made the skull, the handguard and the ribcage a bit bigger 
- Altered the handle and the handguard a bit, might not be all that visible but it's there 
- Altered the shaders a bit more to fix some issues with the glowing eyes. 

What was done for version 1.5 version: 
- Toned down the shaders, so they aren't as blurry as before, details should appear better. 
- Modified the blade and the ribcage to be closer to the ones used in the DMC4-model 
- Modified the skull, it's now a more normal head, with glowing red eyes etc 



Open the console and activate cheats in sp by typing "Helpusobi 1" (Remove the quotation marks) 

Then type "saber dmc4_rebellion" to use the sword. 

Before using delete the previous version of this file or else it can cause trouble. 



- This should work in SP with most models, however when I tried to use this sword when using 
Toshi's Anakin or Vader as my playermodel, it crashed the game and I got the usual ran out of 
transformspace for Ghoul2-models-error. But it is to be expected due to high polygon, the original 
sword used as a model has so many details that simply can't be achieved through skinning. 
- Might crash SP if you try to dual-wield two of these swords but can be dual-wielded with some 
other weapons. 
- Should work just fine in MP where the limitations aren't as strict 
- Other bugs not known yet 


You can use this model in your own modifications as long as you give proper credit. 



For InyriForge, I used some sounds from her Saber and Cutlass pack 1-mod (original readme included) 



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