Dante's Rebellion... or not!

Shouldn't be ashamed of the failures, Dantrag_tc. They're the things that make us human. But anyway, moving on, this is what you get when a...


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Shouldn't be ashamed of the failures, Dantrag_tc. They're the things that make us human. But anyway, moving on, this is what you get when a project doesn't go entirely to plan, but doesn't end up a total balls-up.

Long story cut short, Dantrag attempted to model Dante's zweihander sword, the Rebellion. Failed, of course, but ended up creating something original and very much DMC-like. It's a bloody big gothic demonslayer sword, obviously. Personally I'd go for twin Glocks, but to each their own - Dante uses twin Colt M1911 Customs, and he's a cheating bastard - to be fair, he should have to reload after every eight shots! Lousy son of a.... Oh.

Cursory design problem is that the sword appears oddly blunt and rounded. It'll probably chop through stuff all the same, but swords look less intimidating when they're not razor-sharp - and all swords are razor-sharp anyway (unless they're poorly maintaned). Accuracy is down, but that's the "or not!" part of the title, and the sahder blurs out most of the detail - Dantrag openly confesses to both of these issues, so let's not hold a grudge for them. What I will pick at is the sheer severity of the shader, if you're using a specular map make it a little more subtle, if not, use one and then make it a little more subtle. :p

Dantrag reports in the readme that this will crash with various high-detail player models, of if you try using two - the reason for this is that the polygon count on the weapon is rather high. Might be a good idea to keep the polycount trimmed as low as possible on future models, use your initiative and try to save space any way you can (for example adding detail through a texture instead of on the model if possible - that was definitely possible on this sword's ribbing, which likely added a lot of polies). Golden rule is to remember that while 3DS Max may count polies in squares, they'll be converted to triangles when exported and rendered by the game, so if you don't have it set to count polies as triangles, you should effectively count two polies for each 'square' face.

Right, you don't need me to describe this any further, and I've given Dantrag enough of a quick lecture on modelling and shaders - despite the fact the tech talk was only intended to be two throw-away sentences - so download. If you like Dante and his weaponry, download, no questions asked. It may not be the Rebellion, but it definitely fits the style and for that reason you'd love it as if it were one of Dante's other swords.

~ Kouen

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Download 'two_headed_rebellion.zip' (1.61MB)

Readme File:
Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy
TITLE: Dante's Rebellion or Not
AUTHOR: Dantrag_tc
E-MAIL: Nighteyes_60@hotmail.com

FILENAMES: Rebellion.pk3
File Size : 1653kb

DATE RELEASED: June 29th, 2008

INSTALLATION: Extract the .pk3 to the gamedata/base folder of your Jedi Academy directory.

UNINSTALLATION: Remove the .pk3 from your base-folder

DESCRIPTION:  This sword is something that was a failed attempt at creating a replica of Dante's
Zweihander, Rebellion. Since I said failed, don't hang me for the lack of accuracy. + the skinning
was a bit of a rush job but I decided to release it anyways, maybe someone would still like to
use it. I'm going to go back and see if I can create a more accurate version of Rebellion, but in
the meantime, enjoy this model. 



Open the console and activate cheats in sp by typing "Helpusobi 1" (Remove the quotation marks)

Then type "saber rebellion" to use the sword.



- This should work in SP with most models, however when I tried to use this sword when using
Toshi's Anakin or Vader as my playermodel, it crashed the game and I got the usual ran out of 
transformspace for Ghoul2-models-error.
- Might crash SP if you try to dual-wield two of these swords but can be dual-wielded with some
other weapons.
- Should work just fine in MP where the limitations aren't as strict
- Other bugs not known yet


You can use this model in your own modifications as long as you give proper credit.



For InyriForge, I used some sounds from her Saber and Cutlass pack 1-mod (original readme included)



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