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Dark Academy

To put it simply, this map is absolutely huge. Sometimes that’s a good thing, sometimes its not. but when you have huge area’s of space...


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File Description

To put it simply, this map is absolutely huge. Sometimes that’s a good thing, sometimes its not. but when you have huge area’s of space they need to be filled in my opinion

The map has two main large rooms. One you spawn right into and the other one you follow from the spawning point room through a hall, to the other huge room. The spawning room is a huge cylinder type room. It has no roof and is very dark and gloomy. The lighting is very poor in area’s as well, especially towards the back.

The next big room is of an even bigger size. This is where you can follow certain doors into different area’s of the map. These doors I found really hard to locate as there built into the walls and the textures tend to blend together >.>. There’s a council type room, a dungeon, a cantina, bedrooms, a tomb, and a kind of duel type room, with a torch in the middle of it.

The general feel of this map has been created well however. Korriban is the theme, and though simple, it does capture the feel of Korriban. I do suggest though, that a lot more could be done with this map, structure wise. The amount of space is endless so I guess that’s good for huge FFA’s ad maybe a few hundred Rancors ;).

Overall not a bad effort but try to work on your lighting, structuring, and your textures a little more.

-|Jorka Sho'Hen|-

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Baggie's maps
 Dark Academy

Made by - Sir Baggiepants

Email - Gorzordinc@hotmail.com

Website - www.freewebs.com/baggiesmaps

Finished: July 12 2007

How to Install
Put the Dark Academy.pk3 file in your Gamedata\Base folder.

I started making this map when I met someone in jedi academy who was talking about how there wasn't any good maps for roleplaying for the sith... He also mention that he wanted something that looked like it was korriban from KOTOR. Well this map in no way looks like its from korriban or from KOTOR but it is a sith academy and I learned alot as I did it. It isn't very good but I thought it was good enough to give to you guys so go ahead and download and please let me know how I could improve it. 

Known bugs
Some of the Target_Speakers that I placed won't work and when you look out of the window of the council room it looks a little wierd. If you find any other bugs please E-Mail them to me.


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