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You know, it's amazing how much a well-done clan teaser can make you want to join a clan when you've been clan-celibate for years... ;) O...


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You know, it's amazing how much a well-done clan teaser can make you want to join a clan when you've been clan-celibate for years... ;)

Okay, so I'm not joining any clans because of a video, but if I was this video would probably be pretty convincing. It doesn't show what most clan "teaser" videos show - 10 minutes of boring duels, trying to show of their '1337' skills. No. This video shows footage which is totally unrelated to clan matches, dueling, and the kind of things you would expect... but in my opinion it's twice as effective.

This video is more of a story video - it plays like a trailer for a movie. I absolutely love the music. I want the author to come to his comments and tell me where he got the music from so I can download it or something.

The filming itself was decent. I'd suggest for future endeavors to turn the mouse sensitivity way down. I can't remember exactly if that helped smooth the mouse movements out with noclip on, but I think it did. Hopefully that might help remove some of the choppy motions of the cameraman. The scenes were put together pretty well also, though I found some of the text portions to last a little bit longer than I thought they should.

Overall, for a clan advertisement this is quite a good little video. It's worth a look whether you're looking for a clan, or just looking for something interesting to watch. Definitely don't write it off just because it's a clan ad.

You will need the DivX codec to view this video. Get it for free here: http://www.divx.com/divx/codec.php

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Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy
TITLE: Dark Angels Jedi Order Trailer
AUTHOR: Dark Angels Jedi Order 
E-MAIL: reuven@espoc.com
WEBSITE: http://www.darkangelsjedi.tk

FILENAME: teaser_trailer.avi
FILESIZE: ~24 mb
DATE RELEASED: 27 August 2005

CREDITS: Thanks to the jedicouncilgcx team that built the wonderful map that we used for the video
Thanks to LucasArts, Activision, and Raven for building this awesome game
Thanks to everyone that helped out with the video itself including the members of DAJ
Thanks also to (DAJ)Master Mutius for doing the majority of the editing and capture-work, (DAJ)Master Kavar for directing the video, 
and (DAJ)Master Zaraz for the choice of music.
Thanks also to games workshop for all of the awesome work into the Warhammer 40k universe which allowed us to create the clan.
Thanks to the team who made the jedi prequel skins, the appearance along with their taunts were a big help.

INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS: Just unzip it and play!

DESCRIPTION: This video is a sneak peak into the appearance of the Dark Angels Jedi Order.
This video is best viewed under the lowest resolution possible due to the video editing process.

COMMENTS: If I missed anyone, I apologize profusely and please email me at any time if you have any questions or comments at reuven@espoc.com



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