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Hmm, another clan video. We've been seeing a lot of these lately.. Anyway, this is a trailer for the *DARK CLAN*, woah, that's a scary...


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Hmm, another clan video. We've been seeing a lot of these lately..

Anyway, this is a trailer for the *DARK CLAN*, woah, that's a scary name. Well uh, in the video, there's two guys fighting. They're in a duel level (forget what it's called) and they walk out and bow. The one skin is a reborn boss and the other is a Jaden model. I'm not sure about you, but those two skins aren't perticularly dark. Anyway, after they bow, they jump off the platform. Then it's a bunch of random scenes with some hard to read text, at least I found it was.

These guys certainly aren't modest, they come right out and tell you "WE ARE COOL!". Then they had quite a long and boring fight scene, it wasn't choreographed or anything, they just said "fight!" and start swinging their sabers randomly.

Listen, if you want people to come to your clan, give them an IP or something. Making a pretty boring clan film won't make people want to come to your server anymore than they do now. If you've got some really good camera skills, or you know how to make a fight exciting, then make a film. Believe me, I saw some interesting and exciting JA movies, it can be done. Sitting the camera in the corner of a room and fighting randomly in red stance doesn't make for a cool experience.

This is The Dark Clan's clan movie. If you want to watch, the link's down below.


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MADE BY : opiwahn, the DARK CLAN

I made it for and with my clan. There are three more Trailers, which I load up, if this trailer is on the jediknight2.filefront.com page.
Thanks for loading and have fun.
If there are bugs, please tell me them. 
my e-mail: joba@bakuba.de

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