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Hello folks, I've got version two of the Dark Cult Skins. What are they, you ask? Why, they are a bunch of base JA skins with the clothes de...


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Hello folks, I've got version two of the Dark Cult Skins. What are they, you ask? Why, they are a bunch of base JA skins with the clothes desaturated, and glowing spots put on em. But, don't let that fool you into thinking that these skins suck. They actually aren't bad, from what I saw.

The first skin is Alora. Her clothes are now almost all black, with blue lines all over it, which glows. The second skin is the other version of Alora, Alora2, which is the same for everything but the torso, which just has black clothes and no glowing on it. Team skins for both of them are the same as the defaults.

The third skin is a Cultist. This one, I thought, did not look so great. It has been mostly desaturated and darkened, like the rest, but has purple blobs on it, which I thought did not look that great. The brown and red skins for the cultist simply changes the purple to red, looking better, in my opinion.

Next up, we have a new Desann. Unfortunately, my computer will not let me view this skin for some reason. I am fairly certain that this is an issue with my computer, though, as it has had issues with Desann skins in the past. I leave this one up to all of you to see about for yourselves.

After that, we have a Reborn_new. Like the Cultist skin, this is a desaturated and darkened version of the new Reborn, with red spots on it that glow. Not very exciting in style, since they are just blobs... The blue skin simply replaces the red with purple.

Moving on, we come to the Reborn_twin skin. It is like the Reborn_new in the way that it is desaturated, darkened, and had spots added on it that glow red, with purple as the blue team color. The only real difference is that there is an extra skin in there that turns the glowing parts green instead of red or purple.

The last skin is Tavion_new. Her skin is now red, her clothes are black, except for a green pattern in her back, and she has yellow glowing parts on her. Oddly enough, blue and red skins were the same as the original Tavion_new team skins except the head and hands, which were the ones included in this default skin.

To be honest, they aren't bad skins, but to me, they lacked something that makes them interesting after a while. They all seem the same to me, desaturated, darkened, and with glowing spots. The best looking one out of them all, if you ask me, was the Alora one. The glowing spots have a cooler pattern to them, which most of the others lack.

Give this a download if you like the way they look. I, personally, will pass until there are more skins in the pack that interest me, instead of just one or two.


Team Support: Yes Bot Support: Default NPC Support: Yes New Sounds: Default

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Download 'darkcultskins2.0.zip' (5.42MB)

Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy
Dark Cult Skins 2.0

Title: Dark Cult Skins 2.0
Author: ragen45 
Email: vardrag21@gmail.com

Description: This is the finished Dark Cult Skins mod. All glow
shaders and skins are working. There are redone icons and
screenshots as well. Extra sabers are included. Check these
guys out!

All rights reserved to Ragen45, do not use any part of this mod
without my permission.

Credit to Raven and LucasArts for the game.

How to Install:

Simply copy and paste these PK3 folders in the folder called 
"base" within your Jedi Academy directory, along with the PK3s 
called "assets1," "assets2," etc. Enjoy! 

Thank you for downloading!


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