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Wow, here's something we've never seen before! Black Sith! This pack includes overwrites for the reborn_new, both Aloras, the culti...


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Wow, here's something we've never seen before! Black Sith! This pack includes overwrites for the reborn_new, both Aloras, the cultist, and the reborn twin, all of which have been given black clothing and some very sloppy decals and colorings on them. When I say sloppy I'm not trying to be mean, but the author simply took a soft-edged brush and colored on the skinmaps. It doesn't look realistic at all. The only thing that would have made this look good would be if it had a glow shader on it to make it look Tron-ish (which would've been cool!). But as it is, they look more like scribbles than anything else. To say something good about them, they're not all red. Only the reborns have red. The cultist has purple trim, and Alora has a really neat cyan color which, as I mentioned, reminds me of Tron.

We have some updates here. First of all, the shaders I mentioned were added. They don't seem to be added right on the majority of the skins, but Alora at least looks very cool now. Most of the skins are still lacking a lot in detail, but they aren't quite so sloppy as before. Rather than drawing out the designs by hand and hoping for the best, I'd really recommend the author really plan them out first, then use maybe the polygonal lasso to get the outlines pretty-looking before filling them in. It gives things less of a scribbly look.

I think if the glow shaders were working properly on the other four skins they might look pretty neat as well, so fixing those might be something to look into (don't apply the glow to the specular map!). The silly 'wallsaber' from the first version has been removed, thankfully, so if you're looking for some darker 'cult' overwrite skins -- Alora, cultist, Desann, and the reborns -- with some colorful but detail-lacking decals, one of which glows, give these a shot. They've certainly improved, although as always there's room for plenty more.

Team Support: Yes Bot Support: Default NPC Support: Yes New Sounds: Default


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Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy
Dark Cults Skins 1.1

Title: Dark Cult Skins 1.1
Author: ragen45 
Email: vardrag21@gmail.com

Description: This is the highly updated version of Dark Reborn
Cult Skins. There's no wallsaber now, and the restored sabers
will definitely work since they run under a different name, so
you can play with the hilts of Yoda, Luke, the Cultists, and
Desann. Also, Alora and the New Reborn have glow shaders, and 
Alora has a saber that better matches her new look. Also
Desann and screenshots are included. Enjoy!

All rights reserved to Ragen45, do not use any part of this mod
without my permission.

Credit to Raven and LucasArts for the game.

How to Install:

Simply copy and paste these PK3 folders in the folder called 
"base" within your Jedi Academy directory, along with the PK3s 
called "assets1," "assets2," etc. Enjoy! 

Thank you for downloading!


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