Dark force v.25 2nd patch

Who here remembers the Dark Force mod? Who here remembers that the last two versions were supposed the be the final versions? Well, I most c...


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Who here remembers the Dark Force mod? Who here remembers that the last two versions were supposed the be the final versions? Well, I most certainly do. And yet again, we have another update. Don't get me wrong, I love updates. I love fixes. And that is most certainly what it is. It isn't so much a new version as it is another fix.

To save some time, and a lot of space, I will just link you guys to the previous file so you can read the reviews: Dark Force Mod Final (Fixed)

So what's been fixed? Well, the readme states it quite well, but the most notable ones are these: You can now use custom content, unlike before when they weren't allowed, some general effect tweaks, and a bunch of little npc problems have been fixed.

The playermodels are still bigger than normal, which can be a bit annoying at times, and the first person view still doesn't work quite right with a lot of models, but still not a bad little mod. What I would really love to see is an option to control player size, and mebbe an option menu to control some of the effects in the game...

If you love totally one sided mods where you can blast all your enemies into oblivion without so much as blinking (I'm looking at you, Averus :p), then give this a download!


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Download 'henry253.zip' (1.46MB)

TITLE : Dark force v.25 2nd patch

== File Details ==
game target : jedi knight,jedi academy
category : multiplayer mod
sub category : cheat mod
requirement : jedi academy 1.01 patch update
file version : 25.3 / 10 July 2007

== Author ==
developer : henry christianto
email : rie_fukada@yahoo.co.jp
homepage : www.geocities.co.jp/rie_fukada

== Installation ==
Put the henry.pk3 file in your \LucasArts\Star Wars Jedi Knight Jedi Academy\GameData\base folder.
Overwrite (if any) previous version. To uninstall, simply remove this file from the base folder.

== Troubleshooting ==
if you don't see &quot;reading mod&quot; message when starting up game, ensure the pk3 file is in base folder.
if the mod feature not working, try to clean up your base folder form any other mod.
if game crash occurred, ensure that you have update your game using jedi academy 1.01 patch.

== dark force mod v.25(final) 2nd-fixer ==

# after the 1st fixer, some folks reporting new bugz, so here is the 2nd fixer/patch-up #

* Fixed: NPC can now take falling damage (by force push or accidentally off the ledge)
* Fixed: Removing noghri weapon interference when you using 3rd person view at E-Web
* Fixed: Proper shot effect for non-player weapon : sentry-gun, emplaced-gun, seker, e-web
* Fixed: Proper saber-walk-animation when you walking with saber is still on. 
* Fixed: Downloaded vehicle, saber and bot are able played in this mod (not blocked anymore)
* Fixed: For fighter vehicle, it wont blow-up when touching wall
* Fixed: For fighter vehicle, the secondary ammo (torpedo) can be recharged
* Fixed: Blaster pistol magnum projectile function (not interference blaster anymore)
* Fixed: Spawn function for rocketrooper, hazardtrooper, human_merc, and jedi_random
->so that when entering singleplayer map, all those npc will be spawned.
->this will removing error message : 
<NPC_name> doesn't have a spawn function
->test it: type &quot;devmap academy1&quot; you will see random jedi and player npc

== how to use this mod ==
most command accessible via cheat console. (press &quot;SHIFT&quot; + &quot;~&quot; button)
you can bind new command by typing &quot;bind <button> <command>&quot; at the console
for example : type &quot;bind F1 Quad&quot; to have F1 button as quad command.

online game are not supported. this mod was developed and tested under solo/offline game.
== available feature ==
1. Dark+Light force mixed
->Go to force selection menu, you'll see 24-42 point(depens game skill) available to spent. 
Spent some of this point at light force, click dark force selection menu and spent the rest here.
2. Human player got 255 force/armor/health + ammo & inventory.
3. undying mode and god mode can protect you from any damage whatsoever.
4. New weapon : 
4. New shot-weapon
noghri stick and tusken rifle & new saber (sith sword, scepter)
5. New powerups
5a. Quad Mode : type &quot;Quad&quot; at the console.
->expanding all force ability to force level 4
->unlimited jump height and can fly as long as jump button is pressed
->primary melee attack changed into flame-missile attack
5b.Battlesuit : type &quot;Battlesuit at the console.
->deflecting blaster projectile & protected form falling damage.
6. Unlimited saber moves
->execute saber kata attack even while moving & unlimited kata chain (quad mode only)
->dual saber new kata: press attack+altattack+ forward
->faster saber throw (depending saber-throw level)

== Development Credits ==
My computer head, Lucas Art for releasing the JK3-MP SDK tools, MS Visual C++.NET developer tools.

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