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You know, I still play Jedi Knight from time to time, I'm already loving this skin. :P Today, we are blessed with two Kyle skins, both ma...


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You know, I still play Jedi Knight from time to time, I'm already loving this skin. :P

Today, we are blessed with two Kyle skins, both made to resemble Kyle from Jedi Knight. Skin number one looks like Kyle from the live action cutscenes, and skin number two looks like the in-game Kyle.

Cutscene Version Simple tan shirt with dark brown patches under the arms, dark pants, younger face, and a lighter color shoulder pad. Looks just like he does in the cutscenes, but there are a few quirks. For a start, not all the textures line up with eachother, resulting in visible seams. Next, there's the shoulder pad. In DFII:JK, it rests more on his shoulder, and not his arm. This can't be fixed though, as it's Raven's kyle model.

In-Game Version In this version, the shirt is that familiar white with gray patches under the arms. The skin is more yellow-ish, and so is the hair. Indeed, just like in the game. And yes, there are the same two problems as listed above: shoulder pad too low, and the textures don't all line up properly.

Both skins use, of all things, sounds from Jedi Knight itself, which is a big plus from me. Team support changes the color of a few parts only, and both sides look nice. Bot support and NPC support managed to sneak their way into this one, leaving me smiling from ear to ear.

If I had to sum this mod up in one sentence, it would be this: This mod is a definite keeper.


Bot Support: Yes NPC Support: Yes Team Support: Yes New Sounds: Yes

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Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy 
TITLE: Dark Forces II Kyle (V3)
AUTHOR: DarthPhae

FILENAME: DF2_Kyle(V3)1.pk3 and DF2_Kyle(V3)2.pk3
FILESIZE: 2,531 KB (2.47 MB) and 2,769 KB (2.70 MB)
RELEASED DATE: September 4, 2008

CREDITS: Raven, for making the game it self.

INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS: Open the ZIP file and move both .pk3 files into the gamedate/base folder which you should find in your Jedi Academy directory

DESCRIPTION: Here's Version 3 of my Dark Forces II Kyle Katarn. Like Version 2, there are two skins here. The first skin is based off the Kyle you see in DFII's cute scenes, and the second skin based off what Kyle looks like when you actually play as him in DFII. I hope I made that clear to you all. If you played DFII you should know what I mean.

BUGS: None that I know of.

COMMENTS: If you have any ideas for these two skins, please tell me in the comment section. I doubt I will do another version of this guy, but hey you never know.

Permission: You can use these two skins in another mod if you wish. Just remember to give me credit. ;)


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