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It's about time we have some good female skins for JKA! Of course, this file should've gone up a long time ago. :/ The author noticed that...


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It's about time we have some good female skins for JKA! Of course, this file should've gone up a long time ago. :/ The author noticed that the human female had very little edge in her clothing options. Most of her garb is very light in color and quite modest, while the Zabrak and the Twi'lek had much more interesting choices. Rebis has also tweaked the make up on this female's face a little. Her lips are darker in color and she has a tattoo on her forehead. Another thing that seemed to bother the author was the light purple color. So Rebis has made the purple a bit deeper and I think it looks great.

This isn't quite a skin, it's just more choices for your female human character. So there's no bot support or new sounds ... nor would I expect them. These new options definitely give the human female an edge that she lacked before - and dare I say, the clothes actually make her a little sexy. Her skin has been lightened and it looks like her hair is darker. This is soooo staying in my base folder. It's amazing how just a few adjustments here and there and some recoloring can make for a good skin, cause usually it doesn't. ;)


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Title: Dark Human Female skin
Author: Rebis 

File Name: darkhfemale.pk3
File Size: 1466kb
Date Release:10/20/03

Description: added a new head, female twilek legs and a torso replace (more like torso recolored) in the Female Human Character Setup. I also changed the light purple color to dark violet in the color chooser since I think it fit best with the new skins, but of course pick whatever color you want (anyway the purple square still looks light purple, but click it and you´ll see the dark purple in your clothes :P=) The head is the blonde head with hair repainted to black, a forehead tattoo and a little more makeup. Overall skin is paler than the normal human female skin (50% more brightness in photoshop :P=)

Installation: place the pk3 file into Gamedata\base folder. Start a new game or use Flashblade's Character Selector to enter to the character setup menu. Choose the new head (usually the first one you´ll see in the heads section), the new legs (idem in legs) and the recolored torso (idem in torsos). Click the light violet color to get the new dark violet for shoulders & inner shirt (or pick another one if you like, i.e. white looks good). The dark female´ll be complete if you choose purple (or red) for lightsaber color...

Comments: I think Flashblade's Character Selector is great. I played the game with the female human changing her clothes all the time to reflect changes in status: plain clothes while apprendice, jedi garment after she´s a full jedi... and then I turned to the Dark Side (killing Rosh is too tempting :P) and I founded that the human female doesn't have really badass clothes... but the Twilek and the Zabrak have a very nice Dark Side edge in their wardrobe ;) So I borrowed some twilek legs, repainted skin and hair for the head and as for the torso, I tried to use a twilek torso but that'll not work without some tweaking of the model.glm (I tried every tool I have but I still can´t open it, also for that there's a torso replace instead a new one added)

So there, now you have a Dark human female, not incredible-evil looking but at least with a nice bad girl touch ;)


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