Dark Jedi Maw with Claw Saber

I've never heard of Jerec of Dark Jedi Maw, probably because I've never played the previous Jedi Knight games, and unfortunately I have no...


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I've never heard of Jerec of Dark Jedi Maw, probably because I've never played the previous Jedi Knight games, and unfortunately I have no idea what the real maw looks like, but I guess it shouldn't matter if it's a good skin. And it definitely isn't bad :) The head is very nicely done, and all the wrinkles and lines look great. The shoes and body clothing is of a good standard but isn't particularly interesting, as it mostly comprises of grey and black. It's not bad, just a bit boring to look at, although the team skins liven it up a little. The model is based on the Noghri, or so the readme says, so I don't know how well this character fits the model, but from my point of view it fits very well.

The real sparkler in this pack isn't actually the skin though, its the saber model that comes with it. It should be released as a seperate mod perhaps, but not only does it suit the skin, it's also a custom model which looks very cool. I've seen the three claw idea done before, but never as neatly as this, and I agree with the author totally on the fact that it makes the lightsaber look much more like it belongs to a Dark Sith. :) Going back to look at the whole package, bot support is included and there are also new sounds, however the sounds are a little odd as they sound like different people, especially the injury noises and the jump e.t.c. But the taunts seem good though - still, better some new sounds than none at all :)

New Sounds: Yes Team Support: Yes Bot Support: Yes

~Szico VII~

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Download 'df2_maw_v1.0.zip' (1.51MB)

Author: Marchus Williams (a.k.a. RED SITH)
e-mail: [email protected]

File: df2_maw_v1.0.pk3

Description1: This is how I think Dark Jedi Maw looked like when he was
             recruited by Jerec in his younger days, and before Qu Rahn
             damaged his lower half, which later resulted into an 
             amputation at the waist.

	     I reskined the Nogrhi model to look like Maw. To me, Maw
             and Nogrhi have somethings in common: They hate humans,
             they're both large and muscular, and they look similar.

             I don't know what species Maw really is, but this is as
             close and simple as I can get.

Description2: I've also included a saber file. I modeled and skinned
              Maw's saber the way I imagined it to be. I don't know how
              close it is to his actual saber, but I like the 3_claw
              black shroud surrounding the emitter. It gives the saber
              a powerful DARK JEDI look and feel.

              This saber is both MP and SP compatible and shows up in
              the saber creation menus.

              If you've downloaded my Dual_Lightstaff_mod, remove it 
              from your base folder, as it tends to showup incorrectly
              in the saber creation menu.

Other: This is my first saber model and second saber skin. Feel free to
       e-mail me if you have questions or comments.

Installation: Put df2_maw_v1.0.pk3 in your base folder and play an MP 

Uninstallation: Delete df2_maw_v1.0.pk3 from your base folder.

Other: You can also "spawn npc maw, maw_dual, maw_staff" or even 
                    "playermodel maw, maul_dual, or maw_staff" in a 
                    Single Player Game.

*New Sounds = Yes
*Bot Support = Yes
*Team Support = Yes

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