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If clan movies are supposed to promote the best aspects of a clan, then this clan must really suck. Honestly. What you have here is two m...


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If clan movies are supposed to promote the best aspects of a clan, then this clan must really suck. Honestly.

What you have here is two minutes of three guys, all using Palpatine models, running around beating the crap out of NPCs which can't even move, let alone defend themselves. Actually, that's not entirely true. They throw a random attack or gunshot at them and then whack an /npc kill all bind half -way through the attack.

*sigh* I remember back in the good ol' days, when clans were about gaming and having fun doing it, not all this egotistical propaganda crap like clan maps, clan movies, and clan *everythings*. But, this is hardly the time to take a trip down memory lane.

As far as clan movies go, this one is average.

A clan movie is supposed to show the best sides of a clan, which I'm assuming this entirely fails to do. Although given the current state of this game's community I wouldn't be surprised if it actually succeeded in doing so.

Tips for the next movie: Show your clan just doing what they always do. Do some stealth filming or something, so that they don't know you're filming them and therefore they're not just acting for the camera. That's the only way you're going to win people over - honesty. Not running around shooting inanimate NPCs, because that's just boring.

This... this is just a waste of two minutes which could more productively be wasted eating cookies, or levelling up pointlessly on an MMO. Sorry man, but that's just how it is.

~ Kouen

(PS: I fixed your name in the developer profile. Feel free to bash Inyri with a stick the next time you see her for making that little typo. ;) )

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JEDI KNIGHT 3 : clan-trailer
VERSION : 1.0-small
MADE BY :Opiwahn, Dark Jedi Order, Flashlight Entertainment 

This is the Trailer for the Dark Jedi Order clanmovie...maybe it is only a film, but i like it...^^
DJO is a very new jk3 clan and we hope you like this movie...

my e-mail: joba@bakuba.de
icq: 332-232-603
xfire: darkopiwahn
msn: joba@bakuba.de
jk2files.com: darkopiwahn

there will be a website...

Note for the jk2files.com guys: plz write my name correctly...my name is opiwahn and not opiwhan
thanks ^^...

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