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Well, here's something we've probably all seen before. Another dark/sith Obi-wan skin, by clonewarrior90 and Shadowtrooper501. It has...


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Well, here's something we've probably all seen before. Another dark/sith Obi-wan skin, by clonewarrior90 and Shadowtrooper501. It has all the typical features. Black robes, desaturated face, some kind of scar over one eye. I swear, these people are getting together and swapping ideas just so they can all pump out the same skin time and time again.

This Obi-wan has black robes, a black x-shaped scar across the left eye, pale skin, and a red scarf-looking thing. And, of coures, Sith eyes. The face has been skinned such that somehow it appears blurry if you're close enough, and the beard is unrealistically grey. Just look at any man with a greying beard. Not every hair, by any stretch of the imagination, is the same color. There will be black mixed with white mixed with grey mixed with brown, etc etc, and these colors will be in patches, because that's how men grey. I'm not even a man and I know this.

There are a couple of differences between the red team skin and the default skin. For one, the right hand on the default skin is grey. No, it's not a glove, it's just colored grey. On the red team skin it is normal. Also on the red team skin the red "scarf" has been extended to the full under-robe area, and it's been outlined rather sloppily.

The face on the blue team skin is much crisper than on the default and red, however the bear is still unrealistic, as parts of it have greyed to almost a blue color. And I don't think that was to be part of the "blue team skin." The robes have a super-saturated look to them, and something weird is going on with the fingers (some of them are different shades than others). The face lacks the Sith eyes of the default version and rather has Obi-wan's default blue eyes, though a little bloodshot looking. There is a scar over the left eye. What's with scars, anyway? You go to the dark side and automatically get a scar over your left eye? And it is always the left. Curious...

The sounds... well the sounds seem to be Obi-wan with his voice lowered a few octaves. To me it sounds very strange, and I don't particularly think lowering a Jedi Master's voice makes him sound any more evil than he did to begin with.

Bot Support: Yes Team Support: Yes New Sounds: Yes NPC Support: Yes


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Download 'dark_kenobi.zip' (3.08MB)

 Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy: Dark Kenobi
TITLE:  Dark_Kenobi
AUTHOR: Shadowtrooper501 (shadowtrooper) & Clone Warrior 90 (-={RA}=-Revan)
E-MAIL: akrunner@hotmail.com

FILENAME: dark_kenobi.pk3 

FIRSTOFF: Thanks for looking, we hope you enjoy the skin.

CREDITS: Hapslash and IB, with out their fantastic model, we would not have gotten this skin, for their sounds that shadowtrooper edited, and for their icons that were used to make our icon_defaults. And neomarz, whose caps were reskinned to make the custom ones you now see.

INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS: Simply open the .zip and extract the pk3 within the zip to C:\Program Files\LucasArts\Jedi Knight Jedi Academy\GameData\base. Enjoy!
Uninstall: Remove the file from base.

Ok, I'll start off by saying this was pretty awesome, and interesting at that. Firstly, before we actually started, I decided, "Hey, Shadow, why don't we make two versions of a dark side Obi-wan and compare the two, like if it were a contest or something?" He agreed, and thus we started skinning. Well, I put on the scars and stuff, made the robes black, etc, then he sent a screen of his version, and I was like, "WOAH! Holy..... dude, that's nice! Hey, got another idea. Why don't we just get done with these, and combine the two together?" He thought it was a superb idea, and we did just that. I haven't skinned much in my entire gaming career, but I got to say that this skin was worth it. I got to tell ya, I put on the scars myself, custom. Made them cross. First by applying red, and I forgot what I used after that, but I know I used the burn tool to get the effect. I put multiple colors in to make it like it is now.  Made the hair black and all. I must say, the custom sith eyes were crappy, so we just went with his version. Made his face a little dark, but also tried to make him look pale. (NO I DIDNT ADD GREEN!) He gets most of the credits I think though, I only did a handful. He did the pk3's, NPC and BOT support, sounds, etc. But I think this was really fun none the less. He added a more professional scar to mine though, I told him lets do two versions, my scar and his. This is pretty cool I think, and I hope you all feel the same way. I enjoyed working along side Shadowtrooper, he is a great pal, and I think we make a good team. LOL Now to you Shadow.

Thanks Clone, Im glad you are getting used to skinning so well. Good job! Its pretty much like Clone Warrior said. You all have seen the screenshots, so i dont think i really need to descrbe the file. The sith eyes look great I think, and there are custom caps too. This is a recolor, with a few new textures, but dont let that discourage you. I LOVE the way this skin turned out, and I hope you like it too. Clone Warrior must have some credit too tho, he got the ideas, and loads of other things. I LOVE his version of Dark_Kenobi. Clone, you are a great friend, and I too believe we make a good team. Anyways, this skin has Hapslashes Obi 1's sounds edited and more evil sounding. It also has all new sounds I found on the internet. I have thought this since the time  CloneWarrior(Revan) told me about the idea, but i couldnt put it into words until my good  friend SmithLord said it, "What if Obi 1 had turned evil, instead of anakin?" This is what we came up with. 

Bot support: Yes
Team support: Yes
New Sounds: Yes - (new and/or edited sounds)
NPC support: Yes 

BUGS:  None that we know of.

      COMMENTS: Thanks for looking at this guys. Look for more co-operative skins between us!

									-Shadowtrooper & Clone Warrior 90

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