Dark-san's palace

Well, this is Dark-San's ''Palace''. How it counts as a palace I don't really know. It mainly consists of a very dark throne ro...


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Well, this is Dark-San's ''Palace''. How it counts as a palace I don't really know. It mainly consists of a very dark throne room, two overlooks, a ''box room'', and another seemingly random room.

First off, none of the doors open. But you can break through some of them. People generally make their doors open. If you have to break down the doors at least make them take more than one hit to demolish. This definitely could have used some scripting.

The throne room is incredibly dark. No light sources. None. I don't know if this was intended, but I think it could use some light. It's just a big room with pillars and a throne. Not that much.

The overlooks consist of panels on one wall. And they take up ALL of the one wall. No variation. Just panels. The overlooks are red and blue, alternately.

The ''box room'' is just that. A room with crates in it of various sizes.

The seemingly random room, you are supposed to use an elevator to get to. and guess what? The elevator doesn't work. So yes, you have to break your way through. There isn't even much in the room. just a sentry gun and an e-web.

There were some missing textures around the map, but not in overly large areas. Just on borders and such. This map could have used scripting. Or the author could have at least included the missing textures.

Suffice to say, the map just seems to expand on this throne room, but it doesn't seem like too much advice was taken. The palace now has an exterior up to the outer wall. Honestly, it's not very impressive. The main building is a giant box. There are turrets everywhere on the outer wall. =_o Ready for the best part? They're invulnerable, so good luck laying siege to them. There is a ship that seems to have been used from a previous map he made, so I'll simply paraphrase and say that it's way too unshiplike.

The interior of the palace is blocky and dull, but the most damning part of it was that the silence of everything. The music included was a .wma, so there was no way I think it would have worked. Either that or he didn't bother to implement it correctly. Worse yet, Averus had to strain himself while in a silent atmosphere. There were no ambient sounds, and the doors lacked sound as well.

There were a couple "RP-friendly" rooms, but the rest of the map is too irritating to really have a comfortable RP in. The rest of the rooms feel so very empty and annoying that I would rather not delve in too much further. The only upside I could think of is that there are a number of secrets that you could probe and a number of breakables. Otherwise, here is what I would recommend if you intend on making a third version.

- Sounds, sounds, SOUNDS

- There are a lot of useless doors. Fix that =_=

- Spruce up your rooms and give them a little more purpose.

- Make your music compatible/functional

There's my piece =_= Honestly, while it's not the best of maps, I'm sure imaginative RPers could possibly make use of this. I just don't see it going that far. Definite improvements are necess'ry, so you are encouraged to engage in a third version =_,=

New Textures: Nay New Music: Non-functional Secrets to plunder: Aye Bot Support: Nay

- Averus Retruthan

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Dark-san's palace v2.00
by dark-san

It's the new version of my palace.

just put the .pk3 file in your jedi academy/gamedata/base folder


tanks for:

-GTKradian's creator
-my tester: dark-croash



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