Dark Temple of Ashore Tol

Though the screenshots are a bit dark, trust me, the map looks much better in-game. What's intended as the beginning of the map is outdoors...


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Though the screenshots are a bit dark, trust me, the map looks much better in-game. What's intended as the beginning of the map is outdoors, near a temple of sorts. The halls are lines with crytal lights and an occasional tapestry. The room I first got to had these yellow crystals with light beaming from them, or to them, or something. I'm not exactly fond of this look. And then, while you can't really tell from the screenshot, there's this path lined with spikes to a weapon on a platform. If you had taken the other path, it would lead you down darker, more sinister hallways to a room of lava (and missing textures). Still, it's a cool room.

It's a decent map in some areas, though other areas leave a lot to be desired. If this is a first map, it's a decent job, compared to other first maps I've seen. Keep at it!

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7th January 2005
Map Name                : Dark temple of Ashore Tol
Author                      : -=NJO=-DareDevil
Email Address          : ednorth@msn.com

Map description         : During the clone wars there was a jedi who passed over to the darkside and took it upon himself to become a sith 
to challenge the mysterious sith who count dooku told obi wan of. On  a small moon which orbited korriban Ashore communicated with a 
spirit of a long forgotten sith lord. Ashore was granted his power and in return Ashore would do what the mysterious sith spirit willed.
Ashore was commanded to travel to the dessert world of Osiris to obtain  a sith artifact. Upon arrival he met a village of pesents who worshipped the sith.
When they saw that Ashore was a dark lord they worshipped him like a god. 

Upon hearing this the jedi sent a lone knight to investigate. He caught up with Ashore and the two dueled and ultimatly the lone jedi defeated Ashore.

When the village of sith followers realised that Ashore had fallen they built a Temple to bury his destroyed body.

Additional Credits to   George Lucas, Revensoft, lucasarts and Radiant
Thanks to               : {Ukwn} (www.brotherhoodofukwn.tk) solidus -the solid one- 
* Play Information *

New Sounds            NO
New Skins               NO
New Objects            NO

* How to use this map *

go to the maps list and select it or type /map DD_darktemple or /devmap dd_darktemple in the comsile

* Copyright / Permissions *


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