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Ok so, a few days ago I reviewed a Darth Jawa skin by this author, and he has quickly released a v2, I will start by quoting my original rev...


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Ok so, a few days ago I reviewed a Darth Jawa skin by this author, and he has quickly released a v2, I will start by quoting my original review of the skin.

Alas, another simple re-skin of the Jawa model by a new recruit to the world of skinning. I think most skinners started their reign with a reskin of kyle or the jawa, I was no different. So, onto the review!

Visually the skin looks quite nice, the clothes have been re-coloured to a dark grey, but the texture quality has not been lost at all, to accompany this dark atire, the skinner has given this jawa some evil red eyes *muhaha*. I have to say, visually the skin looks quite good.

Now, onto my favourite part... the sounds. The skinner has included a new set of sounds which I will describe with one word, awesome. I found myself spamming the taunt button until i lost feeling in my finger. The sounds match the skin great, and they do sound somewhat like a jawa who traded sanity for lunacy. You will notice that the 'hurt' sound is still the default, not sure if this was intended, but it still works fine with the skin.

By the authors own admission there is no bot support, I also noticed that there is no team support. These would be a nice inclusion for a v2, and in my personal opinion, I think it would look nice if you re-textured the clothes, or perhaps included some straps around the body just to make it a bit more interesting. Great effort for a first skin though, I look forward to seeing your future work.

Most of this is still relevant, however the author has now made some additions. Firstly, he has included bot support, and SP support, which is fantastic. He has also included team support which is also great, however one thing I didn't like was that from behind the skin, the coloured straps which represent red or blue team appeared fairly dark, but from the front it is fine, so this is something I think could be improved on. But nevertheless, these additions are great and have improved your skin enormously. Now, you would think this is all a skin would contain, but wait... there's more!

In addition to the skin, he has also included a new saber icon which looks very nice, and also a new splash (game loading) screen, which features a large image of the skin itself, and of course its name. All in all this is a very nice little package, and an essential download for all jawa lovers. Once again this skin still includes all those epic taunts which will probably keep me busy for the next hour on my server. Well done to the Jacen, keep it up, I look forward to seeing your next project.


- AmonRa

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Download 'darthjawa_v.2.zip' (1.38MB)

Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy

TITLE: Darth Jawa

AUTHEOR: Jacen Larilaut

E-MAIL: stealthkf3292@hotmail.com

FILENAME: darthjawa.pk3


DATE RELEASED: 17 November 2008

CREDITS: The recoloring is mine, but I couldnt figure out how to give him npc and bot support. So I give credit to MeusH
without having his stuff from jawawarrior for reference I wouldnt have figured it out, thanks.

INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS: Just place the pk3 into your base folder

DESCRIPTION: Just a recolored jawa skin turned dark gray with red eyes, this is the first skin Ive made so sorry if 
its not to good.

BUGS: None known.

COMMENTS: I re-did this and gave him bot support, just make sure you say darth_jawa, and I gave him team support. You can
also use him in single player by pressing the home key above the arrows, he is small and has a small saber. If you downloaded
this, thank you and I hope you like him. If you have any comments, criticism or suggestions, please e-mail me so I can make
this skin better.   

USE: If you want to use this in anything just e-mail me, I want to know what you do with it. 


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