Darth Katarn

Ok, for those of you who missed the first 2 Darth Katarn's

In case you missed the original version of this file, here's the revi...


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Ok, for those of you who missed the first 2 Darth Katarn's

In case you missed the original version of this file, here's the review:

The author stated in his read-me that he was diappointed with some of the Sith Kyle skins out there, so he decided to make his own. Unfortunately it seems he searched only the JK3 skins and put in "sith" as one of his key terms, missing all of the "dark" kyle skins which, lo and behold, look almost exaclty like this one.

How does one make a "Sith" skin? Just make all the clothes black! Two Thumbs Up!

Okay, so maybe I have a personal problem with the black=Sith cliche. However the skin isn't bad, if just a little unimaginative. Kyle sports a black outfit with a red under shirt, red RotS-ish eyes, and a scar over his left eye. The scar actually seems to be done well - it's not just a drawn-in line.

If you're looking for anything extra with this skin you're not going to get it. No bot support, no NPC, no new sounds. We do get some team skins, though. Looking for Kyle in black duds? Give this a try.

Yay, no more black=Sith! I'm so happy. It is still a very simple Kyle recolor, but the colors are tasteful and don't scream "Look at me, I'm wearing BLACK!"

The pants are still black, however. I only have one problem with that - the author didn't retain enough of the original material's texture. At first I thought he just painted over it with a black brush, but after severely straining my eyes in dim light I realized that indeed the original texture was there, the coloring was just very dark with little contrast. For the future I would suggest playing around with contrasts to get those folds to show up just a little better.

Now I do have a gripe or two about the team colors. With the dark red shirt, I felt the team colors were much too bright. They clashed badly, in my opinion. Especially the blue. However that's just my opinion, so look for yourself.

There are also a couple of things you should know before downloading this file. First of all the read-me says this file includes bot and NPC support. Now the author didn't lie, but he didn't tell the truth, either. The bot doesn't work. I could tell it wouldn't without testing it in-game (though I did anyway, just to make sure). The author has not included the actual .bot file, so all that you'll get is the personality file. Also the NPC support isn't exactly what you'd expect. It overwrite's Kyle's NPC file, so you'll get Darth Katarn when you try to spawn Kyle's NPC, or whenever you see him in the single-player game. Now personally I like this version of Kyle better than the original, so I don't mind, but if you do this may not be quite right for you.

Bot Support: No Team Support: Yes New Sounds: No NPC Support: Yes


Well looking back at the original Darth Katarn I can see it has come a long way,

The things that have changed in this version 3

The brightness of the blue team colour has been reduced so it doesn’t clash as much with the red jacket but hasn't been reduced so much that you can't see it. Although personally I think making his whole jacket blue, I know it ruins how he should look but if you imagine a team FFA server full of people wearing this skin, the blue team would have an advantage because from a distance it looks red.

His pants have been lightened, which gives the skin in general a better look, now you can see the original texture which gives depth to it, instead of it just looking like hit pants have been dipped in tar... hmm that could be a cool affect, I might have to try that.

Lastly the bot support has been fixed.

(can't believe I forgot the stupid .bot file...)

Don't worry we have all made mistakes like this in the past :)

Well it is nice to see a new developer ... well develop so fast, I hope to see more mods from you in the future

Keep up the good work

Bot Support: Yes Team Support: Yes New Sounds: No NPC Support: Yes


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Download 'darth_katarn_v3.zip' (735KB)

Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy 
TITLE: Darth Katarn 3.0
AUTHOR: Azrael Tepes
E-MAIL: azraeltepes@gmail.com 

FILENAME: Darth_Katarn.pk3 
FILESIZE: 636 kb
DATE RELEASED: 16 July 2005
This is my first skin, so I apologize if it's less than proffessional.

Description (V1):
Here are the changes I've made:
: - Recolored his clothes black (with red trim)
: - Given him "sith" eyes
: - Lightened the skin
: - Added a scar above the left eye that goes through the eyebrow
: - Slightly altered the team skins.  It sorta gives him a trek look when he's on a team, but it matches the normal skin.

: - Updated the clothing to make it a normal color.
: - tweaked the team skin a little
: - Added bot and NPC support

: - Updated the blue team color to attempt to make it clash less.
: - Adjusted contrast of pants so they'd retain more of the original texture.
: - Corrected problems with the bot support (can't believe I forgot the stupid .bot file...)

Just extract the .pk3 file directly into the GameData\base folder.

Thanks to Szico VII (http://www.jk3files.com/) for his constructive criticism on the first version and Inyri (http://www.jk3files.com/) for his suggestions for the second version.


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