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Ever seen a really good reskin? If you haven't check this one out. Now I know what the Quinlan Vos model looks like, and this isn't it. But....


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Ever seen a really good reskin? If you haven't check this one out. Now I know what the Quinlan Vos model looks like, and this isn't it. But... it is. Don't believe me? See the original model here. It has a new face, modified robes, and to me it just looks brand new. I guess some credit should go to Aaron Smith for making such a versatile model.

The team skins are done very well. They're very subtle, small enough not to be overbearing but visible enough to serve their purpose. There is also a robed version of this skin, for those of you that like robes. My favorite part about this skin, right after the very neat looking outfit, is the scar on the face. It's probably the most realistic scar I've ever seen on a model.

Now on to the bonuses: a saber hilt and custom sounds. Let's start with the sounds. The author did them himself. I know what you're thinking, but unlike most 'custom made' sounds, these are pretty well done. They don't sound strained, and they don't sound like he was trying to hide in a corner and not be heard while he was doing them. They also fit the skin pretty well.

As for the saber, it's very well done as well. It's even got little spikes, for those of you who are into that kind of thing. It's simple, yet definitely has the same feel as the skin. No npc support or bot support, unfortunately. That would make this skin twice as great.

Overall, this reskin is excellently done. A real attention to detail mixed with an aesthetic look. I'd recommend this to anyone. It's definitely a skin you should have in your base folder.

EDIT: Well, I've been summarily proven wrong. This skin does have bot support, but my tired little eyes just skipped right over it. Apologies to Slaughter, and the review has been updated to reflect the newly found bot! All the sweeter... ;)

Bot Support: Yes Team Support: Yes New Sounds: Yes NPC Support: No


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Download 'darth_savet.zip' (2.05MB)

// Jedi Knight : Jedi Academy Modification

// Darth Savet 

Author : Brejo Savet (aka Slaughter, Jochen Bremer)
Email : [email protected]
Release Date: 26.04.05

File Type: JA -Custom Model - Custom Skin - Custom Hilt
New Sounds: Yes
Bot Support: Yes
Team Support: Yes

Build Time: 6 days
Programs used: Photo Impact XL, Modview, Microsoft Editor, Milkshape 3d, Lithunwrap
Files contained: darth_savet.pk3, readme.txt

// Changes Info
I completly reskinned the Darth Vos model (by Aaron Smith).
He comes with new Sounds and a new Saberhilt i modeled and skinned.

// Commentary

I found the game while cleaning my desk...and started modding it. :]
Just wanted to create something for me to play with.

// Credits

My Voice © me

Quinlan Vos Model ©Aaron Smith

Original textures © by RavenSoft

thx to Trauma Sensei for helping me getting the hilt into the game.

// Legal Disclaimer



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