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Just a little note to the author to start us off: Yes, we do. :) Moving on. This isn't the first Darth Sion skin, and I sincerely...


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Just a little note to the author to start us off: Yes, we do. :)

Moving on. This isn't the first Darth Sion skin, and I sincerely doubt it will be the last if the popularity of this character is any indication. We have yet another representation of the ever-popular Sith Lord Darth Sion from the 2004 RPG Knights of the Old Republic: The Sith Lords. This representation is about equivalent to the current ones I know of, in that it's alright, but not perfect.

This particular skin makes use of the Gray Fox model, and because of that there will be some inherent inaccuracies. The biggest one here is that this model has a helmet, so since the author wanted to keep the face he had to accept the fact that it looks like Sion's head is a football helmet. This kind of leaves the skin looking a bit odd and not very much like Sion, so I think this is one of those compromises that's not reasonable to make because, in some ways, it ruins the skin. Other models would probably be more appropriate for this character, although none that I can think of would really capture him completely.

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Title: Darth Sion
Author:Unsung Hero

Filesize:1.74 MB

Installation: put contents of darthsion.zip into the following location :Local Disk/Program Files/LucasArts/Star Wars Jedi Knight Jedi Academy/GameData/base

Description: This is the faumous Darth Sion from KotOR 2. He is not robed and is very sexy for a man with cracked skin. It took me a while to make
but I believe the end result was very good! If you are wondering, Darth Sion is a sith who was blinded by the force and is an underling of Nihilus.
He is very powerful and cut off Kreia's hand. To prove how tough he was, he had 70,000 fractures in his bones, as if each one was fractured multiple
times.Wait, this is supposed to be a discription of the skin, not a history of the actualy character...Well, I guess it is a good thing
no one actually reads the read me! Anywho, even if they do they will see a description of the skin and a bio of the character. I'm going to stop 
rambling now, perhaps someone might actually read this....Do Filefront staff have to read this? I hope not....

Bugs: The face looks weird, as the model has a helmet on. Other than that I havnt notice anything, if you do say so in the comments/review!

Comments: Hello!

Special THANKS to: Headhunter, I used his face from the robed darth sion because I couldnt get the face quite right. I also used his skin as a guidline for my torso. I also
used the sounds from his guy, but they work this time (Geez I used a lot from him didnt I?). And of course ksk_h20 for the grey fox model. *phew* thats all.


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