Darth Venture

The concept of reskinning a reskin baffles me, quite frankly, but that's what this author has done. This reskin of Darth Savet (by Slaughter...


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File Description

The concept of reskinning a reskin baffles me, quite frankly, but that's what this author has done. This reskin of Darth Savet (by Slaughter) really doesn't change much except to look like he fell off of his bike at a high rate of speed. The face is a little chewed up, and the clothes look dirty. The right hand has been painted over with flesh-ish tones, making it look a bit burnt.

It looks like the clothing was just done with a couple of simple filters. The face doesn't look very realistic at all unfortunately. There are some bright red lines near the eye and jaw, which I assume are meant to be blood, but really look more like a crayon line. Blood is not neon red - it's a very deep crimson, nearly black. The grunging on the face really just looks like sponge painting, and the little mustache he's given him... goodness gracious. Isn't that brush supposed to be a grass brush?

The team skins are the same as the original's, with the tiny bit of grunging on the cloth found on the default skin.

Bot Support: Yes Team Support: Yes New Sounds: No (From Original) NPC Support: No


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Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy 
TITLE**: Darth Venture
AUTHOR**: Basto
E-MAIL**: tbicorporate@hotmail.co.uk 
WEBSITE: http://www.s14.invisionfree.com/universal_rp

FILENAME: darth_venture.pk3 
FILESIZE: 3516 kb 
DATE RELEASED: 27 October 2005 

CREDITS**: I would give credits to Slaughter whose great model I have skinned, any other content such as taunts and other content I would like to also give credit to the original Author. 

INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS**: To install copy the PK3 into your gamedata/base folder.  To unistal simply delete from your base folder.

DESCRIPTION**: Darth Venture is a Charater of mine on my RPG server Universal (previously known as Enclave). I started out with fantastic golds and a clean cut look then
 I suddenly thought that my Character is not one to look pristine instead he wears his scars and battle markings with pride so I decided to blood the face and show the burn 
and soot markings from his incident involving lots of fire.

BUGS: I ruined the taunts and sounds that I originally put in so I replaced them with the ones that came with the original model (Darth Savet), if anyone can tell me how to put my own sounds in please tell me. 

COMMENTS: This is my first skin released on JK3files and my 2nd overall. My first was dire (as in hideous) this one I have been more subtle with and while I still need to improve my skinning
I hope is less offensive to the eyes.. 


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