Darth Vos



This is quite a nice model with some very nice skins to go with it. Okay, so two of them are very similar, but so what, three is better than two. (Unless of course the filesize is too big ;) ) Anyways, this is a new model, emaning you will probably have never seen it before, and to be honest its a wonderful change from Reborn models and other yucky things like that.

Darth Vos kind of reminds me of Qui-Gon-Jinn from Episode I, this guy has a similar style of hair and his clothes look similar. (except the cloaked version) What I want to know is whether this guy is designed to be a good jedi or a bad one, It's very hard to tell. The first skin looks like what jedi's in the movies wear - He has a shirt like Anakin's from EPII, similar brown trousers and tall boots reminescent of Dragonball Z, albeit a bit longer. Then theres this jacket-typed thing with a belt, which looks like the thing Obi-Wan wears in EPI. So the author has made a nice model and merged lots of different clothes into this Darth Vos, along with some good hair for a model, and a few face-paints (All of which look very nice.) :)

The second skin is what confuses me, from thinking this was a good jedi, he now wears a dark cloak, and the readme looks to me as if he may be a dark Jedi, but whatever :) The cloak looks good - It does have a few glitches i.e. transparency from the inside, but the hood style and textures used work very well. The third major skin is the same as the second, but without the hood. There are also red and blue team variations, and a whole load of bots to use :)

So yeah, this is a very nice piece of work, and is definitely one of the better Jedi skins, but the thing that makes this shine is the model. Good work, and I am relieved to find there's no clan logos plastered onto him anywhere :) On a final note, the sounds included are top-class, but they dont fit with this guys appearance. However, they really are good, and the evil laught as a taunt is very amusing :)

New Sounds: Yes Team Support: Yes Bot Support: Yes

~Szico VII~



Come visit the SR^SaberGrounds server at
and the SR^ctfarena server at
(go to the server lists and type in the console connect then the ip of the server.
Info - Ok this is my first skin that i made with paint but then updated with photo shop. 
He was origanaly Quinlan Vos but i spiced him up for all you darth side lovers. (woot)
I also changed his taunts up and added npc's to him.
Model - Default - darth_vos/default
        red - darth_vos/red
        blue - darth_vos/blue
        Nohood - darth_vos/robed
        hood - darth_vos/hooded
npc's - There are a bunch of npc's here so im gonna list em all.
        in console type,
        npc spawn darth_vos 
for the darth vos with staff. he will follow your throughout singleplayer and wil fight bad npc's in mp
        npc spawn darth_vos2 
for the single darth vos he is also good and will do all the same things 
as the first one.
        npc spawn darth_vos3
dual sabers and will do all the same as the other two
        npc spawn darth_vos4 
for the staff "bad" vos. he will fight you in single and multiplayer games.
	npc spawn darth_vos5
single saber "bad" vos.
	npc spawn darth_vos6
dual "bad" vos

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