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I hope DarthWookie doesn't care that I am urge...


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Skin rating: * * ½

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I hope DarthWookie doesn't care that I am urged to once again correct the spelling of "wookie" to "wookiee" (with two Es). I once spelled it with one E, and someone in the comments had to correct me, and I swore to myself never to make such an error again and to help others when they too fail to be free with their Es. DarthWookie's second skin is, without much surprise, "Darth Wookiee." Wookiees come from a lush, desnely forested planet on which I would like to live -- if I were more athletic -- called Kashyyyk, where the number of vowels you use in a word is irrelevant in wooookieee-schooool. Okay, we all know that they are big, hairy, walking carpets and that everybody loves Chewy. I love him too.

I have, however, never seen wookiees emblazoning what the author calls "ritualistic tattoos and wounds." I don't want to cheat and look it up like I usually do, so I'll just assume that this skin is pure fiction. From that standpoint, it's better than it would have been from a technical standpoint, since there are no points for accuracy, but from an ethical standpoint it seems strange. To assume that anything dark and hairy is evil ("Darth") and that it will thus have horrific tattoos and cuttings is a bit ... well, there are different cultures, and I don't think the author succeeded at creating a new kind of culture with this red-tinted, tattoo-studded "Darth Wookiee." It seems borrowed.

Now, from the technical view, it appears effective to achieve its goal. The ritualistic symbols on the wookiee do not look bad with normal usage, but to say that it looks good is still an overstatement; it looks as if a bright, but mostly unskilled boy artistically drew all over the wookiee. This did not even, however, seem to make him angry enough. The wookiee's fur is red, but it isn't obvious enough, but I'm sure if you try to imagine it as any more obvious it would look bad. The solution is to make the wookiee clearly quite red, but a much deeper red, ingrained to the sole of its fur.

One obvious problem with the skin is the off-white clips of whatever that line Darth Wookiee. If the author had mentioned that these were intentional, to appear as sharp cutting objects, I might only say that they were placed in impractical locations, where he is not likely to find a use for them slicing and dicing. Without any explanation, I can only look to his files where he created the skin, and saw that a similar off-white color appeared as the backgrounds of a couple images that get plastered onto the wookiee. Usually, these areas are black, to signify to the engine that they are nonexistent spaces separating each part. If you don't know about what I'm talking, it's okay. Just know that I believe this is an obvious skinning mistake, and if the author corrects me in the comments, I'll go with my original view, that they're not placed very well and it's certainly not obvious what those white things are.

DarthWookie -- the author, not the skin -- still has plenty of room to improve as a skinner. I'm sure many of the technical issues with this skin could be found by using friends as bug-testers. And also, I might recommend to the author, to be a bit more creative in terms of how you decide to make characters appear darker, more associated with the Sith or the Dark Side. "Darth Wookiee" just seems ... too human.


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Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy
TITLE: Darthwookie
AUTHOR: DarthWookie
E-MAIL: [email protected]
WEBSITE: http://www.crazywookie.com

FILENAME: darthwookie.pk3
FILESIZE: 892 kb
DATE RELEASED: 29 January 2006

CREDITS: Credit goes to the game developers for the original wookie skin and model.

INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS: Unzip the file to the gamedata\base directory in your Jedi Academy folder.

DESCRIPTION: This is my second skin, and, just like the evil trooper, isn't a great piece of work.  This is one of my visions of a possible Wookie sith.  This wookie has darker, red-tinted fur as well as ritualistic tattoos and wounds.

BUGS: No bugs as far as I know of


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