DarthStevenus's Lightning Enhancement Pack v1.0

darthstevenuss_lightning_enhancement_pack_v1.0.zip —


Academy. Well, DarthStevenus to the rescue, and then some! :)I don't know why this is listed as a mini-mod when it is anything but. Todays package, is new effects for Force Lightning, or as I like to call it now, "Force F*** You!, mwahaha! }>The only thing is that you can only have ONE variant installed at a time. Me personally, I've love to see a mod made that lets you cycle through all the different effects and colours within the game itself, but I suspect that would be impossible. Still, you're spoilt for choice with this pack as it stands at the moment. :)Not only do you get a selection of new effects for Force Lightning (I love the data beam variant), but you also get a new Force Lightning stance, a new Force Push effect, a new lightsaber, and 3 slightly modified weapons. This is most definitely, a win. :)New Sounds: YesNew Animations: YesNew Effects: YesNew Models: YesNew Textures: Yes-SuperSmeg


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