Dawn on the Plains

This is a simple texture fix for the original Dawn on the Plains map, changing the missing ground texture to a snow t...


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This is a simple texture fix for the original Dawn on the Plains map, changing the missing ground texture to a snow texture. Otherwise it seems no other changes were made. On to the original review!

This map was submitted for the Jan-Feb 2007 Mapping Contest. To see the winners, check our Contest Archives.

This particular map, submitted for the Intermediate skill level, had quite a few high points, but enough bugs to keep it from making it to the finalist group. I has a great overall feel to it; atmosphere is something this map definitely doesn't lack. However several missing textures and some missing ambient sounds really lowered the overall quality of the map, which is certainly a shame.

Architecturally, this map is quite the sight. The terrain, while lacking its texture, certainly shows the author's proficiency with the software, and the castle-looking structure also shows itself off quite well. The only other thing that really lowers the quality of the map is the use of very repetitive texturing and, in some cases, unfit textures. The lighting could also be better in the indoor areas.

Overall a wonderful submission, though one that could use some work in specific areas. I definitely hope to see work from this author in future contests. Just make sure to thoroughly test your maps first!

Bot Support: Yes New Models: No New Textures: Yes New Music: No


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Download 'dawn_on_the_plains_fix.zip' (9.58MB)


Title: Dawn on the Plains (v 1.1) [TEXTURE FIX]
Author: Jedi_Mediator
E-Mail: [email protected]
Website: *none*

Filename: dotp_v1.1.pk3
Filesize: 10.5 megabytes
Date Completed:


Installation Instructions: There are several ways to use most mods:

Auto-effect: These installed mods automatically affect the gameplay in Jedi Academy. They are extracted into the BASE folder of the Jedi Academy/Gamedata folder.

Load-up: These installed mods do not automatically affect the gameplay of Jedi Academy when you load the game: you have to load them up from the MODS menu under the "Setup/Mods" tab in the main menu.

This is a texture fix for my defective contest entry, though it will replace the original pk3. This means that, in order to play my map correctly, you must dispose of the original "dotp.pk3" and install the file "dotp_v1.1.pk3".
I do not expect to be re-scored, of course. The reason I am releasing this is because the general public seemed to express interest in this map and asked for a fix.


Description: A small fiord during a foggy dawn. A nice, scenic place for a duel! ....or, *would* be.

Bugs: There are several small bugs with the bots in my duel map.
        1. The bots will sometimes get stuck in walls.
        2. For some reason, after one round of playing with bots, the 	game seems to forget the botroute and they start to do their 	default jumping dance randomly around the level. Currently, I 		do not know how to fix this.

----Any further bugs you may inform me of in the comments section, and  I will try to fix them, or just contact me at the above address.----

Future Plans: I plan to greatly expand this duel map into a much more efficient FFA map. The graphics will be greatly enhanced and look very beautiful!

Comments: I would just like to note right here that I *was* going to enter my map in the Advanced rank...but several major things happened that seriously impaired my map's appearance. For this reason, I had to neglect the "Aesthetic Appeal" judging aspect and bump down to Intermediate.
	1. My computer is incredibly slow to be doing the level of modding I do (processing-wise). Because even a very small light compile of my map took FOREVER, I knew that a full compile would probably take somewhere around three eternities :P For this reason, I had to -meta (full-bright) compile my map, instead. However, I did try to remedy this visual hit by adding fog and specular highlights on a few textures. I did tint nearly all the textures in blue, just to reinforce the dawn setting, but...it was far from adequate. Before modifying it at all towards the end of a V2, I will address these map errors/problems as quickly as possible.

Look forward to a beautiful FFA map in the future, matching or rivaling even Arevass and BlueIce Twilight! :D




CREDIT: All goes to me, TerraGen, and the advice of many.

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