DC Cavern



This is a very simple but effective duel map who's only fault is the fact there is a faulty texture that doesn't show up, the place is lit up by fire and the lighting fits it perfectly so there are no problems there.

The included music is definately very fitting and for once I didn't feel the urge to turn it off, in fact I actually turned the volume up because of the atmosphere it added.

At the sides of the dueling platform are two rooms that contain buttons that once pressed spawn npc skeletons to attack you - there is a skeleton skin included. I just wish they didn't sound like a living Jedi! It's like looking at Michael Jackson while hearing him speak, the two are contradictary. Dead body, living (weird) voice.

Bot Support: Yes New Textures: Yes New Sounds: Yes (cool music)




Name:              DC_Cavern
Author:           MDN14/Spector
E-Mail:             [email protected]
Build Time:     13 hours

This is a duel/power duel map that can also be used as an ffa map. It is a large room with a semi-circle walkway
around a duel platform. The duel platform has torches, statues holding flame swords, and breakable
rocks on it along with the DC clan logo.

  Bot Rrouting:     yes
  New Music:        yes
  New Textures:    yes
  Gatetype:             ffa, duel, power duel

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