Deadly Duo Sith Pack

Echoo7 brings us two Sith that I can only presume are of his own design. He gives us a brief description oft hem as follows: Darth M...


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File Description

Echoo7 brings us two Sith that I can only presume are of his own design. He gives us a brief description oft hem as follows:

Darth Malice: A sith with a rather burnt face, black armour and mechanical legs.

Darth Vicous: An "alien" wearing armour rather like that of a cyclist :P

Now, I must admit I can't skin to save my life, but I can tell the difference between a job that has been given care and attention and one where the author has just slapped any random textures on it. Unfortunately this is the latter, containing an aweful lot of paintbucketing and a severe overuse of the empire symbol. The 'Darth Malice' skin's face is not 'rather burnt' it has just been made to look like lava, no matter how the heat touches you burning doesn't make you look like lava. The Vicious skin is equally bad, the characters 'skin' looks like it has grown from the clothing.

In the event of a version 2 I insist you spend alot more time and effort on your skins.

New Sounds: No Bot Support: Yes NPC Support: No Team Support: Yes


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Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy 
TITLE: Deadly Duo 
AUTHOR: Echoo7 

FILENAMES: darthmalice.pk3 darthvicious.pk3
FILESIZE: 945 kb and 863.2kb
DATE RELEASED: 11th October 2008 

CREDITS: Thanks to Tricorder, my guardian hand-held scanning device, for helping me with bot support. Also to LucasArts for making the game, etc.

INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS: Take the pk3 files out of the zip file, and into the base folder, which is in your gamedata folder...

DESCRIPTION: Or rather, story:

Darth Malice was a Sith. He had mixed with the wrong crowd, and thought it was cool at the time. Eventually, after seeing Star Wars 3, he thought it was a good idea to have a fight with a Jedi, right next to a lava flow. 6 months later, he emerged from the hospital, with 2 new robo-legs, and a very burnt face.

Darth Vicious was an alien Sith. Although; if you're going to get technical, all Star Wars characters are aliens, but you get the point. He was from a planet, just off the M1, near Coruscant. He was a relatively young Sith (or Dark Jedi if you wanna get technical...), and, like all young alien Siths these days, loved showing off his muscles.

The two met on an holonet chatroom one fateful day, and Vicious and Malice have never been apart since. Ahhhh bless.  

BUGS: I don't think my skins have any bugs, apart from the one that makes your PC explode and kill your children (joke). If anyone finds any bugs, please post it in the comments. 

COMMENTS: If all goes well, I might release the Deadly Duos 'troopers in a pack. Also, please go easy on me, as this is my first upload. If you don't, I'm afraid I'll have to keep the antidote...


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