Mmm, I love single-player mods. Especially when they're 100 times better than the original SP campaign. The only thing this campaign lacked...


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Mmm, I love single-player mods. Especially when they're 100 times better than the original SP campaign. The only thing this campaign lacked was professional voice acting (I'm talking about the voice acting technology, by the way - all the voice actors were actually quite good, they just didn't have a nice studio to polish up the audio). While this mod consists only of three playable maps, it is actually quite long - I've been testing it all morning and I just only now finished.

The story revolves around a Iridonian (Zabrak) mercenary named Phelan who has been hired by the Alliance to investigate a disturbance they did not have the resources to investigate themselves. This leads Phelan on a quest that brings him farther than a mere mission for the Alliance and introduces us to a new threat (which I shall not spoil for you). The maps alone are beautiful, and they are quite consistent from beginning to end. The architecture and style of the maps doesn't change half way through, which is nice. Unfortuntely when I finished testing I had nearly 40 screenshots, so I had to cut it down a bit, so I do recommend you play it to get the full appreciation of the beauty of some of these maps.

Now all mods have bugs, and this one is no different. In some of the elevators there was a bit of z-fighting between the red and green buttons. I had a couple of problems with some cutscenes, though I can't say whether or not it was an isolated incident without playing through the mod again, and I told Shadriss I'd have it posted some time today ;). However the mod itself makes these few bugs seem quite insignificant. This mod isn't for the light-hearted who want to just blast on through. It's going to take some thinking, but hopefully it'll be enjoyable. I know I certainly enjoyed it. However make sure to pack up your blaster with a few extra clips - you're going to need them.

Highly recommended. Download now.

UPDATE: After speaking with Shadriss and retesting the last two levels I have discovered the cutscenes (and part of the second level, actually) only get bugged if you never obtain the lightsaber. If you do get it everything works wonderously. Now if you're paying attention, like I wasn't, it shouldn't be much of a problem. Just remember that each cutscene has significance ;).


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Download '' (79.9MB)

Star Wars : Deception
Episode 1
* * * * * * * * * * * * *
Author : Shadriss

Tools Used : GTK Radient 1.4
             Photoshop CS2

Time to Develop/Release : Too long for me to admit to it. (OK, Three years...)

Installation : Unpack the Deception folder and the BAT file to your Gamedata folder. Use the BAT file to load the mod. DO NOT load the mod from the in-game menu, as this will not allow the custom mission briefings, cutscenes, or mission objectives to properly display. I'd even go so far as to suggest putting a shortcut to the BAT file on your desktop - it's been gracing mine for a LONG time now...

Credits : Too numerous to mention. All the major ones are listed in the credits at the end of the mod. 

Though mentioned (briefly) at the end of the mod...

This modification for Jedi Knight : Jedi Academy is neither supported by nor endorsed by LucasArts, RavenSoft, of any other company associated with the base game. THe storyline and all other original elements are the property of Shadriss, and may not be modified or altered without specific written permisson. All other works are the properties of thier creators (and are noted in the credits). All trademarks are the property of their companies. The cheese stands alone.

Enjoy, guys - this one took a LOT longer than I'd ever thought.

And keep an eye out for Episode 2, Star Wars : Inquisition, sometime during your lifetime. Hoepfully in less time than it took to do this one. We can only hope. Now play the frikkin mod already. You can't tell me you actually read this far. Wow. You have no life. :)


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