Deeper Jaden-Male Voice

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One common annoyance about Jedi Academy is the male Jaden's extremely high-pitched voice. He either so...


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Sounds rating: * * (out of four)

One common annoyance about Jedi Academy is the male Jaden's extremely high-pitched voice. He either sounded like a computer geek (no offense to the guy who recorded his voice over at RavenSoft) or a robust young boy. To hear a weak "hah!" whenever Jaden rolls (or jumps in single-player) was dreadful, because from what I could see, an eighteen or twenty year old guy was running around with a child's voice. This mod attempts to fix that.

There are times when a voice can be overdone, and this mod does indeed overdo it. I am reminded of Darth Sidious, whose voice was way overdone in "Star Wars: Episode III—Revenge of the Sith" from an academic standpoint right after he had defenestrated Windu and I was crying for Mace and Palpatine was renaming Anakin "Darth Vader." There were too many echoes, and it looked and sounded unnatural. The same is with this mod, as the author made Jaden sound like a metallic Desann. It's way too low for his "nice young man" appearance. A boy's voice should technically only drop about an octave when it changes, and Jaden, taking many years more than most normal people, had it drop what sounds like four or five octaves. It just doesn't fit. Oh well, it had to change eventually, for better or for worse.


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Jaden Male Deep Voice


Just what this Mod does:

This mod transforms all of Jaden's speech into a deeper, almost Desann like voice. This Mod will only change the voice for the English Language. Any other Languages will not have the voice alteration.


Author: Grant Hammerhoof
Date: Monday, November 7th, 2005 (completed)

File name: Jaden_m_deep_voice.pk3
File   size: 8.19mb (8,338 KB)


Install: Extract, copy, or drag-and-drop the file "jaden_m_deep_voice" to your Star Wars: Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy base folder. 

Default path: "C:\Program Files\LucasArts\Star Wars Jedi Knight Jedi Academy\GameData\base"

If you have any questions or comments or other stuff you want to say, or even to simply drop me a "hello," feel free to go right on ahead and e-mail me.


Background of this Mod:

This is a small mod I've made; what it does is it simply gives Jaden a deeper voice. What led me to making this was that I was tired of Jaden's typical voice, and therefore I decided to finally (after a long time of wanting to) edit Jaden's voice to make it deeper.

At times, the voice will sound like a variety of recognizable voices. Sometimes it will almost sound exactly like Desann! At other times, you'll be able to hear a trace of Jaden too though. Most of the time, you'll be presented with a different sounding character that can change the whole baseline for the game! At all these times however, there is a slightly metallic ring to the voice. I suppose if I felt like it, I could always work on the voice and get rid of that ringing tone, but then what chance would there be of a version two!


Please do not freely distribute this file. Ask for my permission first (and preferably wait for a response).



Creation of this Mod:

I took the default speech from the base folder of Jedi Academy, and altered the pitch, therefore creating a deeper sort of voice for Jaden. After three sets of troublesome and entirely different errors, I finally considered my work "finished".

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