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While I'll be the first to admit this skin looks pretty neat, it does have its setbacks. Really it just looks like some of Jaden's clothes h...


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While I'll be the first to admit this skin looks pretty neat, it does have its setbacks. Really it just looks like some of Jaden's clothes have been complete desaturated and put into greyscale. But hey, at least they're not black. The look itself is pretty cool, and part of the lower "skirt" section has been alphaed to make it look like there are two flaps off of the back, much like a trench coat. That's really an extra most people wouldn't bother adding, or just wouldn't know how to, so kudos.

The best part about this model is the beard, because from a distance it makes Jaden not look like Jaden. Now before you go thinking it's an awesome beard, it's really not. The mustache part is okay, but on the beard itself it looks more like velvet than hair, and there are some darker lines going across, which are a tell-tale sign of copy-paste. However the addition of it on its own really adds to the skin, and even though it's not perfect it's still a lot better than most I have seen. His eyes are quite a vibrant shade of green as well.

Personally, I like the team colors a lot more than the default skin, because they're more than solid grey. In fact, there are variations in darkness within the grey tones as well as blue/red trim (depending on which team skin you are looking at). I also like the Jedi skin, which is basically the default colored in the typical browns of the Jedi, but with a more modern spin. Yeah, it's just a recolor... but it's a very tasteful one.

There are two technical errors that I can find, however. The first is that one of the skins, the "dark" skin, has a texture error or something, so the head portion of the model will not be visible. You'll just have a body and a floating face. The second is that there are no icons. Therefor to use the skins, you'll need to use the model commands, which are as follows:

model deimos model deimos/dark model deimos/blue model deimos/red model deimos/jedi

Bot Support: No Team Support: Yes New Sounds: No NPC Support: No


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Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy
TITLE**: Deimos
AUTHOR**: O³Razor
E-MAIL**: okkels92@hotmail.com
WEBSITE: www.o3clan.com

FILENAME: Deimos.pk3
FILESIZE: 3,51 MB (3.681.612 bytes)
DATE RELEASED: 15 December 2005

CREDITS**: I would like to credit Raven Software for making such an mod-friendly game, and Tesla, my Shaderman!

INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS**: To install this skin, just plop the Deimos.pk3 into your Base folder.

DESCRIPTION**: Basically, I wanted to make a new alternative Jaden, started out slow, but when I really started enjoying skinning I just kept going.

BUGS: None that I know of, however feel free to let me know if you find any.


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