Desert Streets



The first thing about this map that I noticed, was that it looks extremely similar to one of the first single player missions - where you team up with chewbacca? Well, it has the same kind of feel. I don't understand how it got the name 'desert' (perhaps its set in tattoine, like the afformentioned level), or even 'streets,' because its not really either - its more like some dusty mansion grounds (In a good way :) ). The second thing I noticed was the music. At first I thought - hey, its a Star Wars piece! Then i noticed it was slightly different. You know the music which comes on when you start multiplayer mode? It's that, except slower. I don't like it. :(

Anyway, on to the actual map. It's very much all the same theme, throughout the whole map, which led to some very samey corridors and areas, but at least FPS was good, and I enjoyed playing about with the STAPS. :) The best area was probably the bar, because it was the most varied place. There were a few clipping problems around the tables - I found myself standing in midair (see screenshots) but it's not that great a fault. Even though its a bit plain in style, the walls are never flat, theres always detail, such as pillars or supports. These make the map so much more interesting to play, and show the author's mapping knowledge :) What else is there? Well, there's not a lot of jumping 'areas' - there are multiple floors, but they're all on one level, meaning fights or duels can become a little protracted. Luckily, theres so many different areas to try this, I can imagine some very decent FFA's with this map, and the author chose his gametype well. ;) Overall, a nice big map with lots of detail, slightly let down by the plain theme, lack of height and the over-used music. 7/10 :)

~Szico VII~



Desert Streets
-Mapped by Roshi-


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aol:                      nationalbisector


This is a desert city based FFA map. It includes a few dueling arenas,
 a council room, many outdoor areas, an small bar room, and a large rancor 
arena. A few STAP vehicles are scattered around the map to help you get
 around. A spawnscript is included to respawn the STAPs when destroyed.
 Credit goes to Aaron Smith for the Jedi Starfighter model, and to Monsoontide 
for the STAP vehicle.

Bot-routing is included.

Supported game types - FFA, TeamFFA

Copy 'desert_streets.pk3' to Gamedata\Base.

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