Desert Trap

This map was submitted by Sidein, with the name Desert Trap. Alright, This map is sidein's first map he advises, so lets star...


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File Description

This map was submitted by Sidein, with the name Desert Trap.

Alright, This map is sidein's first map he advises, so lets start there. Good points for a first map... its seams he was able to add models, health, change the lighting effects, and to add sound. Those, along with the use of cylinders, are some things most new mappers don't do. It also looks like he used easygen for parts of the floor. For those things, good job.

Now, things to keep in mind for next time. The first thing I noticed was the overall lighting of this map. It is... kinda yellow. It doesnt look right to start, and second there is no light source. It's cool you can change the color of the light enitities, but the use here was not good. Other lights in the map have no sources to (blue lighting among them). The sounds he added are cool, but Im not sure where they are coming from since almost everything in this map is stone of some sort. next, the use of textures could be done better. repeating textures along with some that are still sideways coulda been easily fixed. The water in the map is a good idea, however the water you used.. The author states there is a secret room in this map, however I did not find it.

For a first map, not bad. The use of some of the things you did are good starts. Keep at it.


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Readme and (c) for

D D E   S   E   R R  T    T  R R A A P P
D D EE   S  EE  RR   T    T  RR  AAA PP
D D E     S E   R R  T    T  R R A A P
DD  EEE ss  EEE R R  T    T  R R A A P

By Sidein

Thanks to Ubi Soft for the three sounds in my map.
Thanks to all the people who have answered any questions I have had to help me get sterted in mapping.
Unzip in lucasarts\Jedi Academy\Gamedata\base
Map Info:

New textures: No
New sounds: Yes
Bot Support: Iffy
Modes: ffa tffa duel powerduel
Reccommended players: 4-5

There is one secret room but it is rather hard to find but useful.
This is a first map, first verson. For any comments, please e~mail me at
I am not responsible for any damage from use of this map.
This file may not be taken in whole or in part without any credit given to me (Sidein)

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