Deuces Wild Remix with Sounds

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Model pack rating: * * * ½ (out of four) — 8/10

New Sounds: Yes Team Support: Yes Bot Support: Yes NPC Support: Yes

Kurt Libengood has added custom sounds to some of Mars Marshall's female models. Mars Marshall originally created them not having any custom sounds, which are essential to high quality. It's pleasing to see that Mars' fine models have been finally finished. In addition, Kurt replaced some of the default female Jaden sounds with different ones. They're a welcome change to the original "Take that!" taunt that sounds as forced as Hayden Christensen's acting was in "Star Wars: Episode II—Attack of the Clones." The included models that were given new sounds are Adi Gallia, Serra Keto, Shaak Ti, Komari Vosa, and Luminara Unduli.

Adi Gallia was a serving Jedi High Council member during the Battle of Naboo and the Battle of Geonosis. She was a highly skilled pilot and swordswoman—she used an uncommon, reverse, one-handed grip for her red lightsaber—who was choked and stabbed by General Grievous on Boz Pity. The sounds all work well for this model; nothing seems out of place, forced, and they all have good balance.

The rebellius Serra Keto—student of the well-regarded swordsman Cin Drallig—was a talented swordswoman who used two green lightsabers, specializing in the tenth form of lightsaber combat. She was murdered in the Jedi Temple by Darth Vader upon the infinitely nefarious Darth Sidious' execution of Order 66. The model's hips seem to spread disproportionally too far out at the waist, but is otherwise great. The sounds, I felt, were some of the weakest in this model pack. The taunts were good, but the miscellaneous sounds like roll and land sounded rather muffled. The roll sound specifically sounded too frustrated and aggressive rather than the usual energetic "herr!" or "ha!" that accompanies a roll. Sounds are, otherwise, satisfactory.

Shaak Ti is one of my favorite female Jedi (Aayla Secura is everyone's most favorite, of course). She was a Jedi High Council member who wielded a blue lightsaber, but was unable to fully protect Supreme Chancellor Palpatine when he was "abducted" from Coruscant; she later died at the onset of the Great Jedi Purge when Darth Vader stabbed her meditating body in the Jedi Temple (or she may have been killed by General Grievous—LucasFilm themselves had trouble deciding). The model is great, and I even think that the robe (which was too far back on Adi Gallia, and is actually the same here) seems to just work here—it looks better on Miss Ti. The sounds are superb, as they all sound perfectly natural and fit the character quite well.

No one can seem to decide on Komari Vosa's name. The filename in this model pack is correctly termed "Komari Vosa," but the original review and the original model itself call her "Vosa Komari," which (listen up!) I now define as incorrect. Anyway, Komari Vosa was a fallen Jedi who instead turned to the Dark Side, but was later killed by Count Dooku; her twin red lightsabers were later given to Asajj Ventress. This is modeled well, but the sounds are somewhat odd. I've never heard how she sounds in the game "Star Wars: Bounty Hunter," but her taunt makes her sound like she's been sadly addicted to cigarettes for years, and her roll and land sounds, which are also a little bit muffled, sound quite wrong: did the Dark Side make her masochistic?

General Luminara Unduli was a green lightsaber–wielding Jedi Master who taught Barriss Offee and fought in the Clone Wars. She was destroyed by the clones that she once led when Order 66 was insidiously executed. I love the skinning job on this model, which is mostly excellent except for a bit of angularity in a few places. The main rolling, landing, etc. sounds are fine, but I really like the taunts because of their dialogue and intriguing voice acting (even if they're a little cartoonish). This one's another fine job to Mars and Kurt.

Kurt Libengood's done an overall great job adding sound accompaniment to Mars Marshall's models. Mars could work on his ability to model robes, but this is in summation a great model pack for any Star Wars fan, and especially for our female players of Jedi Academy.


Note: The readme listed below is actually the email, since Kurt Libengood was smart enough to include all of Mars' readmes but lazy enough to forget to include a single one of his own! (Just kidding, Kurt—but still try to include an additional readme next time that sums all of this up for us.)



These are Mars Marshall models that now have sound but didnt before I released them all in 1 zip on pcgamemods with his permission and got this e-mail from him
"Thanks again Kurt. I hope you post these at JK3files.com! The sounds are great! I wish I had these on the first release. Marzout!"
So here we go
And a final file that is extra jaden female sounds for use with any model that uses those (like femaayla)
All fem models have their own readme and Luminara and Vosa have a joint readme,in any case all have credit given. I released this as one pack because Mars modeled them all.
Kurt Libengood [email protected]

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