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I'm not a carpenter or a contractor, and I would never claim to be. I don't know the steps to building a house. Heck, I couldn't even bui...


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I'm not a carpenter or a contractor, and I would never claim to be. I don't know the steps to building a house. Heck, I couldn't even build my balsa wood bridge in 8th grade. But I know a little bit about maps and what makes them good or bad. This map, other than showcasing the author's knowledge of carpentry, does little else.

The number one problem with this map is, even if you wanted to admire the houses, you really can't. The doors are about 3/4 the size of your player model, making some so small you have to duck to get in, and other so small you can't pass through them at all. It's not just the doors, either. The ceilings of the first floor will be about 1-2 inches shy of your head. It's almost as if the author didn't bother testing his map along the way and never noticed it was improperly sized. Another big pitfall is the skybox and the edge of the map, which you can see quite easily. The map itself is not very big, and there is nothing blocking your view of the edges of the map, so you can see right down to the bottom of the skybox.

If anything, the houses in this map will get in the way of any serious play. While I applaud the author's knowledge of home construction, a map showcasing it not only doesn't fit in Jedi Academy, but it really distracts from gameplay, especially when all the houses are incorrectly scaled.

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99.9% of people dont read readme's

you are strange and one of the 00.1% that do, good on ya

this map was made by Jason all custem textures were made by Jason

this map shows a house going through stages of bieng built it is accurate
the house starts as a brick shell then the truss roof and bracing is added
and the house progreses this is to show the joinary that goes on in making a house
and it is accurate down to the herrenbone strutting and partition walls.

thanks to Paul Crawford for his input on this

this map has new textures

this map is for ffa

have fun or else

*insert legal stuff here*


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