Deviant Mandalorian MK II

He's back! The shiny Mandalorian that drew the attention of so many, and he's better than ever. But first, let us review the previous revi...


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He's back! The shiny Mandalorian that drew the attention of so many, and he's better than ever. But first, let us review the previous review, as reviewing the reviewed would be repetitive and make for an uninteresting review of a review.

M... Mandalorians. I tingle with delight at the opportunity to review a Mando'ad file, especially one as good as this, and by a friend of mine at that! I'll be! I'd also like to note that we had some difficulty getting this file on to the server, and I eventually had to transfer it to JK3files using FTP server-server transferring. I tell you this because I want all of you out there TO KNOW ALL OF THE HARD WORK I GO THROUGH FOR YOU. Kay, on to the review.

What we have here is a skin based off of this deviant, hence the name Deviant Mandalorian. It's a rather popular concept of a Mandalorian, being the subject of many skinning attempts by different people including myself. It is, quite obviously, an Imperial-esque Mando. Diablos did something special with his version, however.

It's a very nice skin. Even without the shaders piled on (Which add to it) it looks great. The actual textures are fairly simple. Mostly just white armor, though the shaders really add some depth to it. There are lots of different options, which you can access via a SPECIES CUSTOMIZATION MENU. YES. I know you're just as excited about this as I am, considering the fact that we all 'love' these customization menus. It also means you get to use him to kill Rosh in single player which is always an upside. The different customization options range from 3 heads (One normal helmet, one with electrobinoculars, and one unhelmeted version where he wears a sexy ninja mask), multiple torsos, and 2 different jetpacks or no jetpack at all.

New sounds are included, and they're pretty cool, though I have no idea what they're from. My favorite part about them is that you have the static 'Kssh' 'Kssh' at the start and end of each thing he says, which really adds to the effect that it's coming out of a helmet or commlink.

If you want a scary imperial Mandalorian to hunt down rebel scum as, submit your souls... I mean... download this file!

The biggest change in the Mark II are team skins. The blue and red team skins look sufficiently intimidating and look nice with blue and red glowing visors respectively rather than a green one. My only problem is that if you're playing in a team environment that may not be visible enough. Maybe add a couple glowing marks elsewhere for easier visibility.

Also included are more customization options! You can now also choose one of the team skin heads, or a head with the binoculars pushed up onto the forehead of the helmet, as though they're not in use but still there. Another notable change is a fix that makes only the armor shiny now. Some may have noticed that in previous versions even the cloth on the jumpsuit was shiny; well, no more!

I don't know quite what else I can comment on. This is in short (Well, shorter than my already short review) a solid improvement over the original version.

Team skins: Yes. Bot support: No, but nobody uses this anyway. NPC support: No, and nobody uses this. Single player customization: Hell yes. New sounds: Indeed.


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Download '' (5.11MB)


Title			: Deviant Mandalorian MK II
Author			: Dark_Diablos
E-Mail			:
XFire			: Whenlightfades
Website			: - My account name on that is 'Tyrael', not the famous skinner.

File Names		: Deviant Mandalorian II.pk3

File Size		: 5.33MB
Date Released		: 24/10/08

I've altered it so it's not shiny all over. Yes, I kept the main shiny parts. Anyways, I added some team versions and changed some random parts. 

Place the file as follows (Whatever your JKA folder is named)/Gamedata/base

If you don't have enough space in your SP customization just use this model command to get the default

/model deviantmando/default
/model deviantmando/blue
/model deviantmando/red

Same as before. As I found out how to make not all the model shiny I got to work, making only the armour parts the 'shiny' bits. I had nothing better to do so I just added some team versions, as people asked
and there you have it. I can't decide which I liked the most, the red or the blue.

Yes my screenshots are not that good. Again, full credits to the creator of the mask.

If any of you want to use the skin without the shiny shader, just go into GFX/Effects and change the 'envchrome' to something like 'envchrome3' (minus the '), then rename it back to 'envchrome' if you want the shader effect.
If you want to remove the moving glow placed on the visor, just rename the 'saber_glow' file located GFX/Effects to something like 'saberglow2' or whatever, then just change it back to the original name if you want the effect back.

Probably gonna get hammered for lack of effort but ah well.

None that I know of.

If you're gonna use this skin in something (a mod etc..) PM me before use, or as long as credit is given.

Darth Celarius, for the original skin.
Delta2094, for his picture and Mandalorian design and colours.
Kalos (Laam'inui), for uploading the the Mandalorian customization months ago, his different faces & the envchrome file.
Neomarz for his Ultima Clones.
Spanki for his facial texture which then Laam edited to fit the Neo Clone head.
Omeewan who created the Alpha77 Clones, which had the ability to customize. 
Smoke, for the sounds he used in some Delta reskins he made ages ago.
Credits to Skinner, who created a 'mask' which I placed over a 'naked' face.
Buffy for taking the original screenshots

Modification Requirements
Dynamic glow and detailed shaders!


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