Here is a duel map that resembles more of a work of art than a map. Patrick developed this map for a contest where the use of textures was...


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File Description

Here is a duel map that resembles more of a work of art than a map. Patrick developed this map for a contest where the use of textures was limited.. some of you may have followed it.

The map is theme based of a lab in both past and present, depending on which section of the map your on. In past section, you are confronted by a lab of sorts in pristine condition. The structure along with the detail work done by the author is amazing. The only issue I could see was.. as the author stated, the fps is poor so if your machine is not the best, you WILL have issues (and even those with high end machines will most likely). The fire doesnt hurt as well.

The area for the present section has been invaded by vines destroying much of the lab. Again, stunning. Even with the contraints of the contest, the author still did a great job of balancing the textures and producing a visually pleasing map. You'll have to DL this to see for yourself. It's rather sad though... the map is so nice and the fps is so bad.

New textures: yes bot support: yes music: no


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Map name                : Devolution
Map background          : A mysterious seed pod is found in space. On a distant, desolate world,
                          strange experiments are undertaken in a secret laboratory. The link between
                          the past and present is shattered, as a strange portal shows the way to certain devastation.
Game                    : Jedi Academy Multi-Player
Game Type               : Duel
Version                 : 1.0
Date                    : September 3rd, 2005

Author                  : Patrick Haslow
Email                   :
Web                     :

Map description         : Close quarters lightsaber combat between a secret lab in the past and the present.
                          I intended this map to have a narrative sense to it, as if it were a location
                          where a gripping story was taking place. Hopefully players will see it the same way
                          and enjoy being being immersed in the awful events at the laboratory.

Additional Credits to   : George Lucas, Raven Software

Thanks to               : Judy Challender, the crew at


New Textures            :  YES (created by author)
New Sounds              :  NO (from public domain source material)
New Skins               :  NO
New Objects             :  NO
New Music               :  NO

* Construction *
Brush Count             : ???
Entity Count            : ???
Base info               : original map
Software used           : Radiant 1.4, Adobe Photoshop
Known Bugs              : none


This map is a a polygon complicated work that was really meant as a showcase for the
2005 Map-Review JA Geometry Challenge. If you are dissatisfied with the texture choices,
pleae remember I did my best to pretty up this map within the 10 texture limit of the challenge.
Be warned, slower machines will have a hard time running this map at a decent framerate!

The map is a tight space in which to duel- good luck!
For a quick escape, explore the ominous glowing portal contraption.
Bot support is provided.

* How to use this map *

Simply place devo.pk3 in your GameData\base directory


* Copyright / Permissions *


****NOTE: No materials contained herein may be used without the written consent of the author.

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