I'll give you my personal opinion: I can't stand clan maps.

They are built for a set amount of people, have personalized messages and ins...


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I'll give you my personal opinion: I can't stand clan maps.

They are built for a set amount of people, have personalized messages and inside jokes all over the place, and always have special areas that you can see, but can't get to unless you know the secret passageway. Oh, and lets not forget that huge clan logo that they pasted on everybody and thier dog.

This map has one large room that the map seems to be centered around. It has two open areas that are well-placed for dueling, and a crosswalk near the roof that is wide enough to support a couple of fighters.

There are four NPC rooms, each with a variety of different opponets. On the opposite side of the main chamber, there is a small bar with a rather humorus selection of drinks. My favorite is the "Twi'Lek Leg-Spreader". ;)

The author has done something that caught my attention. He used the frosted_glass texture instead of the myriad of other transparent textures that I have seen. I find it a bit more relaxing on the eyes and more asthetically pleasing that harsh and rigid reflections from normal glass.

I was extremely pleased by the outer-space section seen in the last screenshot. The free-standing platforms are great for strafejump practice, while the four larger platforms provide a great place to hold complex free-for-all's or full-force duels.

New Models: No New Textures: Yes New Sounds: No Bot Support: Yes


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Download 'dimside.zip' (9.89MB)


Title  : Dimside
Author : -{DS}-DRIX-JW-
email  : Picketpin1@adelphia.net
website: Currently unavailable

File name   : Dimside.pk3
file size   : 18.2 MB
release date: 


I would like to give thanks to my clan.  constant ideas keep comming in.
Lordfrodo hey man special thanks for doing tests and compiles for me when i couldnt.
Rodav thanks for the idea for the glass platforms in space man i dedicate it to you.
Unnamed our fearless leader thanks for putting the map on the server for beta tests.
Most definatly to Cruel Angel for the new textures.
Quick thanks for just liking the map LOL.
Once agian to my clan for inspireing me to build this for them.


This is a map I created for my clan the DIMSIDE. supports FFA and TFFA
Look for a few diffrent hidden areas.


new textures : YES
New sounds   : NO
Bot routes   : YES


Simply place the Dimside.pk3 inside your base folder. normally located 
C:\Program Files\LucasArts\Star Wars Jedi Knight Jedi Academy\GameData\base.

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