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Rebelship is a very dark map set as a crashed rebel ship. The map has a lot of flashing lights and seemed very boxy to me. There was really...


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Rebelship is a very dark map set as a crashed rebel ship. The map has a lot of flashing lights and seemed very boxy to me. There was really nothing to look at except the flashing lights and sparking parts of the map. Look at the screenshots and you'll see what I mean. Those are actual lighting.The FPS was good, and for some reason I could see myself dueling in this map. It seemed very practical and would be a fun map to duel in. The music had to be my favorite thing about the map, though. It was very suiting to themood of the map, and it was very great music, performed and written by the author himself! But as the map standpoint, this map isn't great to look at, but I think it would be very fun to play in.

New Textures: No Bot Support: Yes New Sounds: Yes (performed and written by the author) Gametypes: Duel, Powerduel -Shahadi

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Download 'rebelship.zip' (2.36MB)

Readme for Disabled Rebel Ship

This is a small duel map of a disabled Rebel ship, the Mon Calamari Cruiser Bastion. I’d suggest putting the .pk3 file in your base folder before you try using this. I guess you could try to use it without doing this, but, well, frankly, it won’t be easy. 

Note: The music you hear is a song I wrote specifically for this level (and performed) called Tunnels of Light. In the .pk3, it is simply named Tunnels.

And now, for the story:

<Taken from Imperial Rules of Engagement, Section I of Capital Ship Scale Naval Procedure.>

Statute I. When capturing an enemy vessel, the craft in question must be incapable of hyperspace flight. All exterior weapons must be incapacitated, and the ship must not be able to fly away at subspace speeds on any vector. The enemy craft must be secured in a tractor beam by an Imperial vessel, if possible. Boarding parties must not be sent without assurances that the vessel in question will not attack their shuttle. 

Section A. Imperial doctrines specify that any target for capture must be capable of being transferred. If a ship is too large to carry in a hangar or the capturing fleet does not have the ability to properly man the craft long enough to bring it to a suitable Imperial command base or repair yards, it must be left derelict or destroyed. 

Section B. Enemy vessels must be disabled fully before any capture operations shall be launched. Commanders are urged to use ion cannons, as these weapons do not do permanent damage to enemy craft, ensuring that the craft can swiftly be put into the service of our Emperor at minimal cost. However, our Emperor realizes that betimes, this method may prove ineffective. Laser-based destruction of all systems and magnetic pulse warheads are also effective means and permissible if any of these options are unavailable. It is better, in the eyes of the Empire, to disable ALL systems on enemy craft, if necessary, to carry out a successful boarding. This includes, but is not limited to, such vital systems as life support or waste recycling.

Section C. All orders dictate the procedural rules. For instance, if a target onboard an enemy vessel is to be captured alive, the procedural rules must be followed, and even superceded betimes, by necessity.

Section D. If an enemy vessel unexpectedly becomes hostile once more, or in any event capable of damaging Imperial lives or materiel, or if the method of incapacitating the craft proves ineffective or desists from doing as much, commanders are to destroy the ship or disable it again if the lives of their crew rest in the balance. This procedure must be followed, unless it conflicts with the other three sections of procedure.

Section E. When subduing enemy vessels in a tractor beam, such craft must be kept at a distance to all capital ships before such actions as self destruct protocols can be employed against Imperial craft. Only after such actions are ensured to be improbable can enemy craft be docked with Imperial warships.

Section F. Boarding parties to disabled ships must be protected. Star fighter squadrons must be eliminated before launch unless this protocol conflicts with the above, or in cases of extreme duress.

Section G. Enemy personnel must be eliminated within a ship. Commanders must supply ample forces to accomplish this task. 

Section H. Boarding parties intending to capture targets aboard a vessel must set their weapons to stun. Lethal force is only to be used when troops are sure that targets are not the intended capture target.

Section I. Boarding parties are to capture the command decks, engineering rooms, and battle control stations as priority targets. They must ensure that self-destruct protocols are avoided if possible before parties are killed with the blast. 

Section J. ALL onboard threats not specified as capture targets are considered fair targets for the extreme of Imperial Justice.

<Taken from the journal of Nax Reast, Rebel Alliance Heavy Weapons Expert>

The bump, if you can call it that, came unexpectedly. When traveling through hyperspace, a ship wide wrenching jolt knocking you off your feet makes you think you have hit something or bounced too close to a supernova. The feeling leaves immediately, when you realize that the screeching noise is simply the strain of the engines trying to shut down cold from hyper light speeds. And then, you realize that you’re equally screwed.

The blast came just as unexpectedly. An Imperial Dreadnaught came at us with a pair of Imperial- Class Star Destroyers backing it up from afar. Usually, a ship as big as Bastion could easily dispatch a dreadnaught, but such an action is much more difficult when you have just pulled out of hyperspace; your weapons have to be brought online, as well as shields and fighter bays. Almost immediately, however, the Dreadnaught started launching blue lightning from ion cannons at us; this one was specially refitted to only fire ion beams – a Netnaught, as we’ve called them since Hoth. A funny name for a most serious craft.

I jumped from the mess hall stool and grabbed my repeater, then ran quickly to the battle control station on the third floor port. Imperial stormtroopers swarm places like that, and the bridge, to prevent a ship from self-destructing.

We were disabled long before we got a chance to try self-destruct. We never even got to fire a shot. Boarding craft flew towards us, while ion-equipped fighters and the dreadnaught fired volley after volley on us to keep us disabled. Blue lightning flows across bulkheads as though it is alive. We had to put on breath masks; life support was offline. An especially violent blast just knocked a ceiling light down near me, which is hanging by a wire and crackling on the floor. Only the self-powered displays and the emergency klaxons (which have since fallen silent) shed any light on the area, as we wait for the Empire to come for us. 

In the dark, I can see my death approach. Death comes on swift wings for enemies of the empire. I embrace this, now. A cause is enough to sacrifice yourself to forward…

New Textures: No
Bot Support: Yes
New Sounds: Yes, self-written and performed music.

Special thanks to the folks at the forums who helped this level finally get out:
Dark Maul

More special thanks to GothiX for helping me find some people to help

Even more special thanks to RichDiesal for a great set of tutorials that got most of this map underway.

This level, as well as the stories included, are in no way connected to Lucasarts, Activision, Raven, or otherwise associated with the companies involved with Jedi Academy. All textures came from Raven, as well as the sounds.

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